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    Tables – World Climate

    Climate CategoryExamples/subcategoriesBrief Description
    Tropical ClimatesRainforest (Af), Monsoon (Am), Savanna (Aw)Located near the equator, these climates experience high temperatures and significant rainfall throughout the year.
    Dry (Arid and Semi-Arid) ClimatesDesert (BWh and BWk), Steppe (BSh and BSk)These climates receive very little precipitation. They are typically found in interior landmasses or on the leeward side of high mountains.
    Temperate ClimatesMediterranean (Csa and Csb), Humid Subtropical (Cfa), Marine (Cfb and Cfc)These climates have warm to hot summers and mild to cool winters. They typically have four distinct seasons.
    Continental ClimatesHumid Continental (Dfa and Dfb), Subarctic (Dfc, Dfd, Dwc, Dwd)Located in the interiors of continents, and typically have more extreme temperature variations between summer and winter seasons.
    Polar and Alpine ClimatesTundra (ET), Ice Cap (EF)These climates have extremely cold temperatures. Tundra has short, cool summers and long, severe winters, while Ice Cap climates are so cold that ground remains frozen all year.