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    Tables – World Events 1970s

    YearMajor World Event
    1970U.S. invades Cambodia
    1970First Earth day celebration
    1971India-Pakistan War and the creation of Bangladesh
    1971Home computing Pioneer IBM releases first floppy
    1972U.S. and Soviet Union sign Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
    1972Last Apollo moon mission by NASA
    1973Yom Kippur War – Syria and Egypt attack Israel
    1973Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision
    1974President Nixon resigns during Watergate Scandal
    1974First UPC barcode is scanned
    1975Vietnam War ends
    1975Microsoft is founded
    1976Mao Zedong, founder of People’s Republic of China, dies
    1976First Ebola virus outbreak
    1977Star Wars film is released
    1977Djibouti gains independence from France
    1978Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel
    1978First Test-tube (IVF) baby is born
    1979Iranian Revolution
    1979Three Mile Island Nuclear accident in U.S.