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    Technology – Digital Photography

    1. “Introduction to Digital Photography”
    An enlightening entry that traces the advent and evolution of digital photography, explaining its influence on traditional film photography, the then-revolutionary concept of transitioning from chemicals to pixels, and the ground-breaking impact on the media and arts.

    2. “Digital Camera Technology”
    This discusses the intricate technicalities of how a digital camera operates, covering aspects like Image Sensors, Pixels, Resolution, and types of digital cameras available in the 90s such as DSLRs, point-and-shoots, etc.

    3. “Understanding Image Resolution”
    An article that offers an in-depth interpretation of image resolution—its importance, how it’s measured, and its impact on the quality of digital photographs.

    4. “Digital Storage and Memory Cards”
    An article that talks about the prime importance of storage in digital photography, exploring various options that were available in the 90s such as CompactFlash and SmartMedia cards.

    5. “Photo Editing Software”
    This provides a comprehensive overview of the various editing programs and techniques available during the era like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, focusing on how these software transformed the post-processing of photos.

    6. “Digital Image File Formats”
    The article explains the different types of digital photo formats like JPEG, TIFF, RAW, GIF, their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

    7. “Printing Digital Photographs”
    This article discusses various techniques and technologies for printing digital images, comparing the quality to traditional film prints and addressing the home printers of the era along with professional-grade options.

    8. “Digital Ethics in Photography”
    This entry dives into the ethical dilemmas and questions that arose with the burgeoning digital photo industry—everything from copyright issues to manipulations in photojournalism.

    9. “The Impact of the Internet”
    This article explores how the internet revolutionized the sharing and distribution of digital photographs, birthing a new era of photo sharing, photo blogs, and online galleries.

    10. “The Future of Digital Photography”
    A speculative piece reflecting upon the possibilities and futures the digital photography might take, considering the explosive growth and rapid advancements of the 90s.