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    Technology – Mobile Telephony

    1. “The Evolution of Mobile Communication”: This article traces the history and development of mobile telephony, from car-mounted mobile radio systems of early days to the transformation into portable devices with the advent of 1G in the late 1980s.
    2. “Cellular Networks”: A comprehensive overview of how cell towers and networks function, discussing the notions of frequencies, handover process, and how networks handle millions of calls.
    3. “First Generation (1G) Mobile Networks”: Explains the early analog cellular system which marked the birth of mobile telephony, focusing on systems like AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) primarily used in North America.
    4. “Second Generation (2G) Mobile Networks”: A guide to the transition from analog to digital networks, elaborating on the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard, its advantages, the innovation of SMS, and the initial introduction to data services.
    5. “Hardware: Phones & Devices”: An article listing and explaining the specifications and features of popular mobile phone models of the time, including influential phones like the Motorola DynaTAC and Nokia 5110.
    6. “Understanding Mobile Phone Specifications”: Breaks down technical specifications, such as battery life, screen resolution, and device interfaces, and how these factors impact performance and user experience.
    7. “Mobile Services & Information Access”: Discusses how mobile devices started offering services beyond voice communication, such as voicemail, text messaging, and primitive forms of data access like WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).
    8. “Mobile Call Pricing & Plans”: Outlines the typical costs associated with mobile telephony at the time, including explanations of contracts, prepaid plans, roaming charges, and the cost dynamics of long-distance calls.
    9. “Safety Concerns & Regulations”: A discussion about health concerns related to mobile phone use, like radiation exposure risks. It also includes the regulatory landscape surrounding mobile device usage, specifications, and restrictions such as hands-free driving laws.
    10. “The Future of Mobile Telephony”: This section provides projections and speculations about the next steps for mobile telephony, including the advent of 3G networks, incorporation of GPS functionalities, and the promise of mobile internet.