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    Entertainment – Television in the 90s

    1. Introduction to the 90s Television: Delivers an overview of the significant shift in television trends and technology throughout the 90s. It discusses key events, the making of iconic series, and the evolution of broadcast technologies, including the emergence of digital television and international broadcasting.
    2. The Birth of Reality TV: Reviews the inception and proliferation of reality television in 1990s, with notable shows such as “Survivor” and “The Real World”. Explores audience response and cultural impact.
    3. The Growth of Cable TV: Chronicles the rise of cable television, including the impact of networks like ESPN, HBO, and CNN. Covers key developments, including the spread of premium channels and pay-per-view programs.
    4. Proliferation of Animation: Discusses the golden age of animation during the 90s, from “The Simpsons” to “Rugrats”, and the societal and cultural implications of these popular animations.
    5. Sitcom Evolution: Friends and Seinfeld: Delves into the phenomena of Friends and Seinfeld, the influence they had on **90s culture, and their lasting impact on the TV sitcom genre.
    6. 90s Sci-Fi Boom: The X-Files and Star Trek: Investigates the rise of science fiction shows, technological advancements in special effects, and links between societal concerns and popular Sci-Fi narratives.
    7. Dramatizing Real Issues: ER and NYPD Blue: Examines the move towards realistic portrayals of social and professional life in serial dramas using major series like ER and NYPD Blue as case studies.
    8. Childrens Television & Educational Programming: Reviews significant developments in childrens post-Sesame Street educational television, including “Barney & Friends”, “Blue’s Clues”, and “Bill Nye the Science Guy”.
    9. Advancements in Broadcast Technology: Covers how advancements such as High Definition broadcasting and introduction of DVD technology changed how viewers interacted with TV.
    10. The Dawning of the Internet Age: Explores the birth of internet culture, the exploration of Digital TV, and the impact this had on television production, dissemination, and viewership.
    11. Television Impact on 90s Culture: Analyzes the significant effect television had on political, social, and popular culture during the decade, including noteworthy controversies.