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    Timelines – Agriculture

    PeriodAgricultural Evolution
    Primitive (stone age)This period was characterized by foraging and hunting. Early humans learned about edible plants and started gathering grains.
    Neolithic RevolutionHumans started to shift from being nomads to settling and farming. This marked the start of the agriculture era.
    Early CivilizationsIrrigation systems were developed. Crops like barley, wheat, and maize were domesticated for cultivation.
    Ancient empires (Romans, Greeks)There were improvements in irrigation, the plough and related tools; agriculture was seen more as a science.
    Middle AgesMore lands were prepared for cultivation due to the development of the heavy plough and horse-collar.
    RenaissanceMore advanced farming techniques (e.g., three-field system), improved livestock, and new crops were introduced.
    Industrial revolutionThe advent of machinery dramatically increased agricultural productivity. Also, fertilizers and pesticides came into usage.
    20th CenturyMechanization, biochemistry and genetic modification shaped agriculture. Practices such as soil conservation came into focus.
    Modern Era (21st century)Precision and digital agriculture emerged, shaped by technology such as drones, satellites, robotics, and AI.