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    Timelines – Archaeology

    Time PeriodEventsImpact & Developments
    AntiquityRecognition of antiquitiesEarly recognition, collection, and display of artifacts from the past
    15th-16th CenturyRediscovery of the Classical WorldPioneered in Renaissance Europe, this era marked the systematic exploration of ancient structures and artifacts
    17th CenturyEmergence of antiquarianismDetailed recording and drawing of artifacts and ruins
    18th-19th CenturyBirth of archaeology as a disciplineExcavations became more systematic; archaeological methods were developed
    Late 19th CenturyDevelopment of stratigraphyThe understanding of site formation and context; three age system – Stone, Bronze, Iron ages
    Early 20th CenturyFurther development of methodsTechniques like cross-dating and seriation; environmental archaeology begins
    Mid 20th CenturyNew Archaeology (Processual archaeology)Shifted focus to understanding why things happened, not just what and when
    Late 20th CenturyPost-processual archaeologyEmphasized the subjective interpretation of archaeological data
    PresentDigital and Public archaeologyUse of technology like GIS, LiDAR, 3D modeling; increased public engagement