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    Timelines – Journalism

    Pre-1800sInceptionThe first newspapers emerge in Europe (1605), and the Americas (1690). Publications are highly partisan and controlled by the government.
    Early 1800sPenny pressThe invention of the steam powered press allows for the production of cheaper, mass-circulated newspapers. Independence from political parties begins.
    Late 1800sYellow JournalismThis period is characterized by sensationalism and scandal-mongering used to attract readers. Led to a rise in investigative journalism.
    Early 1900sRise of Broadcast JournalismWith the invention of radio (and later television), news is now broadcast to larger audiences. Journalism is brought into the era of instant reporting.
    Mid-1900sInvestigative JournalismThis era represents a backlash against the sensationalism of yellow journalism, and sees a rise in investigative reports that expose social issues and political corruption.
    Late 1900sRise of Cable and Internet NewsNews agencies experience technological advancements with the rise of 24-hour cable news and the internet. The turn of the century sees a rapid increase in online journalism.
    2000s – PresentSocial Media and Citizen JournalismSocial media platforms and smartphones democratize information sharing. This broadens the way news is collected, disseminated, consumed, and engaged with.