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    Timelines – Writing mediums

    3200 BCClay TabletsInvented by the Sumerians, these were used for cuneiform writing.
    2400 BCPapyrusA material similar to thick paper used in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
    1600 BCBronze, StoneMetal was used for public inscriptions, stone was used for private ones.
    600 BCWax TabletsThese were used by the Greeks for primary education and note taking.
    105 ADPaperInvented by the Chinese, paper allowed for extensive distribution and development of literature.
    600 ADVellum, ParchmentMade from calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin, these were more durable than papyrus.
    868 ADPrinted PaperThe Diamond Sutra is considered the first printed book.
    13th CenturyPaper MoneyStarted in China, this brought a new usage for paper.
    1439 ADGutenberg’s PressModern methods of printing text were created, allowing for mass production of books.
    Late 19th CenturyTypewriterMechanical, followed by electromechanical machines used for writing print-like characters.
    1938Ballpoint PenInvented by Laszlo Biro, made writing faster and more efficient.
    Mid 20th CenturyMainframe Computers and Punch CardsUsed for large-scale automatic processing of data.
    1972Word ProcessorsSimplified the writing process with digital tools like spell checks and backspace.
    1973Personal ComputersMade digital writing and internet communication accessible for everyday use.
    1983Apple’s MacintoshIntroduced the first graphical user interface in computers.
    1985Microsoft WindowsAllowed for widespread use of personal computers beyond the Apple audience.
    1990World Wide WebRevolutionized writing and communication with the invention of HTML.
    Early 21st CenturySmartphones, TabletsApps for note-taking, digital art, and on-the-go writing and reading.
    PresentDigital MediaContinues to evolve, turning traditional forms of media into digital ones.