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    Tool discography

    1. Studio Albums:
    • Undertow (1993): This is Tool’s first full-length album, boasting an alternative metal sound with raw energy and visceral lyrical content. It includes such standout tracks as “Sober” and “Prison Sex”.
    • Ænima (1996): A breakthrough in the band’s career. This album showed Tool embracing a more progressive and multi-dimensional sound. It’s remembered for songs like “Stinkfist,” “Ænema,” and “Forty Six & 2.”
    • Lateralus (2001): A progressive metal masterpiece, this album explores complex musical structures, unconventional rhythms, and introspective lyrics. The title track, “Lateralus,” and “Schism” are key tracks.
    • 10,000 Days (2006): Served as a continuation of the band’s progressive direction, featuring extensive use of unconventional song structures and lyrical exploration of philosophical and spiritual themes. “Vicarious,” “The Pot,” and the two-part “Wings for Marie/10,000 Days” are standout tracks.
    • Fear Inoculum (2019): Tool’s much-anticipated fifth album became famous for their lengthy compositions, introspective lyrics, and explorations into progressive and psychedelic music. The titular track “Fear Inoculum” and “7empest” are notable songs.
    1. EP:
    • Opiate (1992): Tool’s debut EP, it’s named after a quote by Karl Marx: “religion … is the opiate of the masses”. It certainly set the tone for their aggressively introspective style.
    1. DVD/BluRay releases:
    • Salival (2000): Released as a limited edition box set in CD/VHS and CD/DVD formats. It contains one CD of previously unreleased live and studio versions of songs along with a VHS/DVD featuring music videos and live footage.
    • Tool: Vicarious (2007): A DVD detailing the making of the song “Vicarious” from the album 10,000 Days.
    • Tool: Schism (2005): A DVD single by American metal band Tool. The DVD contains the music video for “Schism” and also an optional “dual” audio commentary on the video by Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys.
    • Tool: Parabola (2005): Another DVD single from Tool, featuring the music video for “Parabola” directed by Adam Jones and guest director commentary by Jello Biafra.