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    Tables – World Events 2010s

    2010The devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti, causing significant infrastructural damage and loss of life.
    2011The Arab Spring, a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions, sweeps across the Arab world.
    2012The London Olympics takes place, and the host nation, the UK, ranks third in the medals table.
    2013Pope Francis is elected, becoming the first Pope from the Americas as well as the first Jesuit Pope.
    2014The Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa becomes a global health crisis.
    2015The Paris Agreement, a landmark accord that sets out to combat climate change, is adopted by 196 parties.
    2016The United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union, an event known globally as Brexit.
    2017The #MeToo movement goes viral, spotlighting sexual harassment and assault in various industries worldwide.
    2018The Inter-Korean Summit takes place, marking the first meeting between leaders of North and South Korea in a decade.
    2019Massive wildfires occur in the Amazon rainforest, leading to global concerns about climate change.