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    Paranormal – Near Death Experiences

    1. Dr. Eben Alexander’s Experience: A Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Alexander fell ill from a severe case of bacterial meningitis and claimed to have experienced profo
    und spiritual encounters. He describes a journey to a realm of vibrant life, sentient beings, and conscious afterlife in his book “Proof of Heaven.”

    2. Anita Moorjani’s Experience: Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Anita reportedly crossed over to an afterlife during a coma. She described an experience of unconditional l
    ove and deep wisdom, and remarkably, arrived back from the coma with her cancer healed. Her book “Dying to Be Me” details this journey.

    3. Pam Reynolds’s Experience: Reynolds underwent a complex surgery due to a brain aneurysm. She was put under deep hypothermic cardiac arrest, which left her clinically de
    ad under controlled conditions. Despite this, she reported a detailed NDE that included accurate descriptions of the surgical procedures, verified later by the medical sta

    4. Colton Burpo’s Experience: Colton had his NDE when he was only four, undergoing an emergency appendectomy. Colton’s parents wrote “Heaven is for Real,” where they detai
    l his experiences of meeting a sister who died before he was born, his great-grandfather, and Jesus.

    5. Dr. Mary C. Neal’s Experience: An orthopedic surgeon who drowned while kayaking in Chile, Dr. Neal was clinically dead for over 15 minutes but was brought back to life.
    She details her experience in her book “To Heaven and Back,” claiming to have interacted with celestial beings and received profound spiritual messages.

    6. Betty Eadie’s Experience: In “Embraced By The Light,” Eadie’s account of her NDE is described, including her encounter with angels and her journey through various realm
    s of consciousness following a hysterectomy.

    7. George Ritchie’s Experience: Ritchie’s book “Return From Tomorrow” recounts his NDE, in which he claims Jesus guided him through various realms of the afterlife during
    his clinical death due to pneumonia at the age of 20.

    8. Dannion Brinkley’s Experience: Brinkley’s NDE occurred after being struck by lightning. Reportedly dead for 28 minutes, he experienced visions of his life review, futur
    e events, and visited a city of light, as detailed in his book “Saved by the Light.”