Hanson in his office
Confrontation is the sixteenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the NSE Headquarters on Timeline|7th October, 10:30 pm.


John Vattic|John is faced with the realisation that Director Silas Hanson|Hanson's National Security Executive|NSE troops were responsible for the slaughter of the Zener Children in Dubrensk. The tissue samples they brought back have been used in bio-engineered psychic research. He must find Hanson.




= ''Director Silas Hanson'': "Ah, Doctor Vattic, finally. You've been giving us quite a runaround haven't you?" ''Dr John Vattic'': I know everything, Hanson."" ''Hanson'': "Know? what do you really know, Dr Vattic?" ''John'': "I know what you did in Dubrensk and I know what's going on here." ''Hanson'': "Research and development, Dr Vattic. Disciplined inquiry leading to practical results. They had no idea of the potential in Russia, we're simply taking things a US Zener Project|step further." ''John'': "Further? You slaughtered those people!" ''Hanson'': "No, I think you're a little confused. We know what really happened in Dubrensk don't we? You and Colonel Joshua Starke|Starke's WinterICE|mercenaries running around murdering innocent Zener Children|children. You lost control!" ''John'': "No!" ''Hanson'': "And how do you explain what you've done now? The bodies you've stepped over to get here?" ''John'': "I... I just want to stop this." ''Hanson'': "Stop it? Oh don't make me laugh. You're the very reason it has succeeded." ''John'': "No! No... I'm the reason it's gonna end." ''Hanson'': "Oh please! Do you really think I would have allowed you to escape unintentionally? Your little runaround was nothing more than a test and your performance was even better than I had hoped for. But now the experiment has come to its end and so have you." ''John'': "I'm stronger than you think, Hanson." ''Hanson'': "Perhaps, but it makes no difference. We have samples all over the country. You're too late." ''John'': "Samples! They were people!" ''Hanson'': "Oh suffer the little children. What are you going to do? Kill me? You see, Vattic, the cards have been dealt and I hold the winning hand. You can't change the past!" ''John'': "You're wrong Hanson!" ''Jayne Wilde'': "Arghh!"


*This level is set further in the future than any other in the game. *In Timeline|Hanson's future, this is where Jayne Wilde is killed, and John Vattic is defeated. *For any reason (probably the Stark'stade live at the end of Breakout level), Stark is also captured at the right side of the room. {{Story}} Category:Missions Category:Future