"I guess you've heard of me"

Conspiracy is the thirteenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the NSE Headquarters on Timeline|7th October, 9:00 pm.


Colonel Joshua Starke|Starke's evidence of a conspiracy has led John Vattic|John to the NSE Headquarters. What are they planning and how is it connected to the events at Dubrensk?




= ''NSE Guard'': "Can I help you?"'' ''Dr John Vattic'': "I'm here to see Director Silas Hanson|Director Hanson." ''Guard'': "And you are?" ''John'': "John, John Vattic. I guess you've heard of me."


= ''John'': "I gotta get back to Dubrensk."


* If you kill the second NSE Janitors|NSE Janitor, a script start and a guard come in the room. If he sees the dead body of the woman, he begins to cry and ask to help to find and kill you. * There are 2 methods to know Director Silas Hanson|Hanson username : Watch the paper on the desk after in the room at the left after the checkpoint or watch the frame at the end of the corridor after the security portal. * It's the first and last time who John Vattic uses a Storage Disk and make a manipulation with 2 PCs.<br /> {{Story}} Category:Missions Category:Future