Dr Patrick Ballard MD

Dr Patrick Ballard MD

Dr Ballard in Preparation

Ballard is the WinterICE field medic.


Ballard's dedication to his work doesn't leave much time for conversation. However, his quietness and calm inspire much confidence in his patients as he patches them up quickly and efficiently, even under heavy fire. According to the :File:WinterICE Team Card.png|Team Card, Ballard was'' pulled into the unit at late notice, [a] trained paramedic. [but has] suspect history.''


*Ballard uses the Assault Rifle. *Ballard is the only member of WinterICE who does not teach Vattic anything in Preparation, however in Starke's extra challenge he can be found on the at the back of the left outside wall of the compound where he will tell the player that he's the team medic and will heal him only once in the challenge. {{Characters}} Category:Characters Category:WinterICE