Director Silas Hanson|Hanson deploys his squad

Entrapped is the ninth mission in Second Sight. It takes place under the Penfold Asylum on Timeline|6th October, 8:05 pm.thumb|273x273px|Penfold Street, accessing by the player]]


<p style="text-align:right;">John Vattic and Jayne Wilde are escaping through the extensive storm drain system underneath Penfold Asylum. Armed troops have been deployed to stop them with orders to shoot to kill.</p>




= ''Director Silas Hanson'': "He's here?" ''NSE Soldiers|NSE Captain'': "Yes, sir." ''Hanson'': "He'd better be. Where's the girl?" ''Captain'': "Vattic broke her out of her cell about thirty minutes ago." ''Hanson'': "Where are they now?" ''Captain'': "They've gone into the storm drain, sir. There's only one way out and my men have it covered." ''Hanson'': "Well, well, Dr Vattic. It seems I may have underestimated you. Send in the special team. Take them from both sides." ''Captain'': "Yes, sir." ''Hanson'': "Lethal force, captain. Shoot to kill."


= ''Jayne Wilde'': "Are you okay?" ''Dr John Vattic'': "I think so? I keep getting these flashbacks. At first I thought it was my memory coming back, but things keep changing." ''Jayne'': "We need to find the Colonel Joshua Starke|Colonel." ''John'': "The Colonel's alive." ''Jayne'': "Of course he is. They tried to court-martial him! They covered up everything! ''John'': "Where is he?" ''Jayne'': "He disappeared before they could arrest him, but he gave me an address, a place to go if I was in trouble."


*This is the first mission set in Timeline|Starke's future. {{Story}} Category:Future Category:Missions