"Hold his arm a moment..."

Isolation is the first mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Osiris Medical Facility on Timeline|5th October.


An isolation ward in a high security medical facility. In an isolation cell, an John Vattic|unknown man awakens from a drugged stupor. He can remember nothing of his past - but knows his instinctively that his captors mean him no good. He must try to escape.




= ''NSE Guard'': "Hey! Come on Harry, buzz me through." ''Harry'': "What you got there? Geez, is this guy a mess or what?" ''Guard'': "That's nothing, you should've seen him before." ''Harry'': "Guess he won't be dating again." ''Guard'': "Like he's ever getting out. He's a psycho killer." ''Harry'': "Sweet! What'd he do?" ''Guard'': "That's classified." ''Harry'': "Like you even know. Why do they keep these losers alive?" ''Guard'': "The lab wants him." ''Harry'': "As what, a crash test dummy?" ''Guard'': "Who knows? He's been wired up to a box all summer. Maybe he's curing cancer." ''Harry'': "Hey! Did you see that? Do you think he can hear us?" ''Guard'': "He can hear all he wants. Hey doc! More monkey juice over here" ''NSE Doctors|NSE Doctor'': "Ah yes, be careful with that one. Let me see. Hold his arm a moment."


= ''Dr John Vattic'': "John Vattic. What happened? I need to remember."


*This is the only mission to start without telling the player the date, time and location. {{Story}} Category:Missions Category:Future