US Zener Project

US Zener Project

Plans for the US Project

The US Zener Project is a National Security Executive|NSE research project instigated by Director Silas Hanson based on the work of Professor Viktor Grienko on his Zener Project. The goal is to produce Psychic Agents through wikipedia:Stem-cell therapy|stem cell bioengineering. The source genetic material comes from tissue samples extracted from the Zener Children. It is based in the NSE Headquarters.

Key Figures

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Zener Project

Zener Project

A young Viktor Grienko

The Zener Project is a wikipedia:Parapsychology|parapsychology research project headed by Professor Viktor Grienko.


A wikipedia:Cold War|Cold War parapsychology research and eugenics project commissioned by wikipedia:Joseph Stalin|Stalin and set up in Dubrensk by Grienko in 1953. It's aim was to investigate the potential for the use of psychic abilities in furthering wikipedia:Soviet Union|USSR expansion. Proposed applications extended from covert intelligence gathering and espionage to the use of battlefield psychic shock troops. When the successes of the project, the so-called Zener Children, were found to be withdrawn, distant and uncooperative, the project was cancelled and funding suspended.


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