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    Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex: Unquestionably one of the film’s stars, the T-rex makes a lasting impact with its terrifying, yet awe-inspiring presence.
    2. Velociraptor: These cunning creatures play a significant role in Jurassic Park, known for their intelligence and aggression.
    3. Triceratops: One of the most touching scenes in the film is where a sick Triceratops is attended to.
    4. Dilophosaurus: Memorable for its frilled neck and venomous spit, it encounters Nedry in the infamous jeep scene.
    5. Brachiosaurus: The first dinosaur fully seen, it serves as a grand introduction to the scale and majesty of Jurassic Park.
    6. Parasaurolophus: Their silhouettes are seen grazing near the start of the tour.
    7. Gallimimus: A herd of these bird-like dinosaurs are seen in the famous stampede scene.

    Referenced or displayed on computer screens, park brochures, embryo storage units, or mentioned in dialogues:

    1. Proceratosaurus: It’s a name seen on the embryo cold storage unit in the Lab.
    2. Metriacanthosaurus: Another dinosaur whose name appears in the embryo storage unit.
    3. Stegosaurus: Mentioned by characters though not physically seen, and also appears on the park brochure.
    4. Hypsilophodont: Mentioned briefly during the scene where Dr. Ellie Sattler is treating the sick Triceratops.
    5. Segisaurus: Its name appears in the brochure.
    6. Herrerasaurus: Shown as an icon on the digital map of the dinosaur distribution in the park.
    7. Compsognathus: Briefly mentioned by Sam Neill’s character, Dr. Alan Grant; would later appear in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.