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    List of 20 hand guns

    1. Colt 1911 – USA : An iconic semi-automatic pistol that uses .45 ACP ammunition, originally designed by John Browning. It has been widely used by the U.S. military.
    2. Beretta 92FS – Italy : A 9mm semi-automatic pistol that’s recognized for its durability, accuracy, and reliability. It’s the primary sidearm for the US military until it was replaced by the Sig Sauer P320.
    3. SIG SAUER P226 – Switzerland/Germany : A full-sized, service-type pistol made by SIG Sauer considered to be one of the best handguns in the world, its proven reliability and accuracy is superior.
    4. Heckler & Koch USP – Germany : A semi-automatic pistol designed for tactical applications with a modular, adjustable trigger system.
    5. Desert Eagle – USA/Israel : A semi-automatic handgun notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol.
    6. Glock 17 – Austria : A semi-automatic handgun designed and produced by Glock for Austrian military and police service. Known for its polymer frame and revolutionary design.
    7. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield – USA : A compact semi-automatic pistol perfect for concealed carry. It shares features of the larger M&P semi-automatic models.
    8. CZ 75 – Czech Republic : This semi-automatic pistol is steel-framed with good balance and became popular for military, police and sporting use.
    9. Walther PPK – Germany : A compact semi-automatic pistol renowned for its innovative design and use by James Bond. It’s a smaller version of the Walther PP.
    10. Browning Hi-Power – Belgium/Canada : A single-action, semi-automatic handgun designed by John Browning, offering a high-capacity magazine and often used by military and law enforcement agencies.
    11. FN Five-Seven – Belgium : A semi-automatic pistol designed by FN Herstal that fires a small, high-velocity 5.7×28mm cartridge. It’s often used as a sidearm by military and police.
    12. Ruger SR1911 – USA : An American-made, semi-automatic, metallic frame pistol that uses the legendary 1911 design.
    13. Springfield XD(M) – Croatia (Designed in USA) : A semi-automatic pistol known for its durability, reliability, and superior ergonomics, available in various calibers.
    14. Smith & Wesson Model 29 – USA : A six-shot, double-action revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge, made famous by the “Dirty Harry” movies.
    15. Luger P08 – Germany : A semi-automatic pistol distinguished by its toggle lock action, which uses a jointed arm to lock, as opposed to the slide actions seen in many other semi-automatic pistols.
    16. Colt Python – USA : A .357 Magnum caliber revolver formerly manufactured by Colt’s Manufacturing Company. Famed for its accuracy, smooth trigger pull, and tight cylinder lock-up.
    17. Beretta PX4 Storm – Italy : A semi-automatic pistol available in several sizes which can be adapted to different uses and modes of concealment.
    18. Sig Sauer P320 – Germany/USA : A modular, striker-fired pistol that became the standard service handgun of the U.S. military in 2017.
    19. Walther P99 – Germany : A semi-automatic pistol known for its highly ergonomic design and used extensively among law enforcement worldwide.
    20. Taurus Judge – Brazil : A five shot revolver designed to fire both .45 Colt cartridges and .410 bore shotshells. Popular for personal defense and hunting.