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    Most popular New Age artists

    1. “Enya” – This article traces the career of the Irish singer, songwriter, and musician, renowned for her distinctive sound that blends elements of new age, Celtic, classical, and ambient music. The story delves into her landmark albums like “Watermark” and “The Memory of Trees,” and their profound impact on the genre.

    2. “Yanni” – This article explores the journey of the Greek musician and composer, Yanni, one of the leading figures in late 20th-century new age music. It provides an overview of his monumentally successful “Live at the Acropolis” concert and discusses his signature sound, fusing Western and Eastern musical motifs.

    3. “Kitaro” – This article presents the storied career of the Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist Kitaro. It highlights his evolutionary role in new age music, starting from the 70s progressive rock band Far East Family Band to his Grammy and Golden Globe-awarded solo releases.

    4. “Deep Forest” – This piece focuses on the French musical group Deep Forest, known for their ethno-inspired music rhythms. The article offers insights into their best-known album, “Boheme,” which highlighted their talent for combining world music with electronic beats.

    5. “Mike Oldfield” – This article follows the creativity and ingenuity of Mike Oldfield, the British musician whose experimental compositions influenced the new age genre. It particularly reflects on his album, “Tubular Bells,” and its role in shaping electronic and progressive rock music.

    6. “Jean Michel Jarre”– This article dives into the career of French composer, performer, and record producer Jean Michel Jarre. It delves into his pioneering work in electronic, ambient and new age genres and his penchant for organizing outdoor spectacles marking his music worldwide.

    7. “Paul Winter” – This article features saxophonist Paul Winter, known for his ‘solstice’ concerts and Earth music, merging eco-conscious themes with new age compositions. The influence of Winter and the Paul Winter Consort on the environmentalist and new age movement in music is also discussed.

    8. “Vangelis” – This article talks about the Greek musician Vangelis, famous for his electronic compositions for films such as “Chariots of Fire” and “Blade Runner.” His role in popularizing new age music with synthesizers and other electronic instruments is also incorporated.

    9. “Steven Halpern” – This piece sheds light on the scientific approach of Steven Halpern, the American new age musician often credited as one of the genre’s founding figures. The article discusses his music’s therapeutic qualities, focusing on his acclaimed album, “Spectrum Suite”.

    10. “George Winston” – This article profiles the American pianist George Winston known for his folk piano sound. It discusses his seasonal-themed albums “Autumn,” “December,” “Winter Into Spring,” and “Summer,” along with their impact on solo piano music within the new age genre.