• Video games that have forensic tools

    1. “Condemned: Criminal Origins” – In this first-person psychological horror, players embody a crime scene investigator using a variety of tools to collect evidence and solve puzzle
    s related to a series of grim murders.  

    2. “Heavy Rain” – A noir-thriller game where players control multiple characters who are dealing with a serial killer. Forensic aspect includes collecting clues, reconstructing the
    crime scene, and making deductions.

    3. “L.A. Noire” – Developed by Rockstar Games, this game places players in the shoes of a detective in post-war Los Angeles. Gameplay involves examining crime scenes to collect evid
    ence, interrogating suspects, and making deductions.

    4. “Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments” – Players take on the role of Sherlock Holmes himself, collecting evidence at crime scenes, recreating events, and making conclusions us
    ing Holmes’ ‘deduction board’.

    5. “Deadly Premonition” – This open-world game combines survival horror with crime investigation. Players search for clues, conduct autopsies, and decrypt messages to solve a murder

    6. “Her Story” – A unique interactive movie video game, where players search and sort through a database of video clips from fictional police interviews to deduce the events of a cr

    7. “Return of the Obra Dinn” – A first-person mystery adventure video game, in which the player, as an investigator, must deduce the fates of the crew of the titular ship using a Me
    mento Mortem stopwatch to witness the moments of their deaths.

    8. “Among Us” – This popular online multiplayer game includes elements of forensic gameplay such as determining who’s telling the truth during group discussions based on available e
    vidence and player reactions.

    9. “The Wolf Among Us” – In this choice-driven, narrative game, players have to investigate crimes scenes, gather clues and question suspects.  

    10. “Murdered: Soul Suspect” – This supernatural detective thriller allows the players to play as a ghost detective who solves his own murder.