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    1. “Olympic Games”: An in-depth retrospect of the various Olympic Games up until the 1990s, this article would explore the history, notable events, athletes, and the worldwide impact of the Olympic movement.
    2. “Football (Association and American)”: This article would focus on the two major forms of football played internationally and in the United States, respectively. It would analyse the sport from its origins to its 90s prominence, detailing the rules, leagues, famous teams, and influential players.
    3. “Basketball”: An article examining the history of basketball, its rules, major leagues (especially National Basketball Association), and notable players of the decade like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.
    4. “Baseball”: The history of baseball from its beginnings to its status in the 1990s would be the primary focus here, including rules, the structure of Major League Baseball, and profiles of stars such as Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.
    5. “Tennis”: This piece would delve into the history, rules and scoring system of tennis, with a focus on renowned tournaments like Wimbledon and star players including Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf.
    6. “Golf”: This article would cover details about the sport including its history, rules, major tournaments such as the Masters, and profiles of famous golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.
    7. “Motor Racing”: The focus here would be the various forms of motor sports popular in the 90s including Formula 1, NASCAR, and rallies, with information on rules, significant races, and leading figures like Ayrton Senna and Dale Earnhardt.
    8. “Swimming and Diving”: This piece would detail the various styles of swimming and forms of diving, highlighting notable figures and records from diverse competitions and the Olympics.
    9. “Skiing”: The article would delve into the different styles of skiing, famous ski destinations, and professional athletes, covering both alpine and cross-country disciplines.
    10. “Cycling”: This inside look at cycling would include its diverse forms, major races like the Tour de France, and famous cyclists including Miguel IndurĂ¡in and Lance Armstrong.