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    Essentials – BIOS

    NameBasic Input Output System (BIOS)
    FunctionIt is a pre-installed program used to start the computer. BIOS prepares the computer so other software applications can load, execute and control the PC.
    Stored inStored in ROM (Read-Only Memory) chip on the motherboard. This ensures that the BIOS is always available when needed.
    First Executed SoftwareBIOS is the first software to run when a computer is powered on, also known as ‘boot firmware’.
    Hardware InitializationResponsible for initializing or testing hardware components at startup like hard disk, floppy drive, optical drive, graphics card etc.
    Booting Sequence ControlControls the sequence of booting the Operating System (OS) from different devices like floppy disk, hard drive etc.
    Interface between OS & HardwareBIOS provides a consistent way for application programs and OS to interact with the keyboard, display, and other input/output devices.
    Updating/Flashing BIOSBIOS can be updated or ‘flashed’ to fix bugs, add new features, or to support new hardware, although this should be done carefully to prevent bricking the machine.
    Accessing BIOS SetupSetup of BIOS can be accessed by pressing a specific key (like F2, F10, Del) at startup, which is hardware specific.