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    Essentials – Computer – Network Card

    NameNetwork Interface Card (NIC), Network Card
    Main FunctionConnects a computer to a computer network, allows to communicate with other networked computers
    TypesWired NIC (Ethernet Card), Wireless NIC (Wi-Fi card, Bluetooth card)
    SpeedDepends on the type and model, common speeds are 10/100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet), 1000 Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet), 10 Gbps (10 Gigabit Ethernet)
    InterfacePCI Express (PCIe), Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)
    Hardware AddressesEach NIC has a unique, hard-coded Media Access Control (MAC) Address
    ComponentsIntegrated Circuit, RJ-45 socket for Ethernet, LED indicators for activity and speed, antenna for wireless NICs
    SoftwareRequires device driver software to operate; this software interfaces between the NIC and the operating system