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    Essentials – Computer – PSU

    Essential PartDescription
    AC Line CordThe cord that connects the PSU to the AC power source.
    AC PlugThe plug used to connect the PSU to an AC outlet.
    SwitchThe primary power control for the PSU.
    Input Voltage Selector SwitchA switch allowing the PSU to operate in different countries with varying voltages.
    Power TransformerConvert the AC input power into one or more DC output voltages.
    Output ConnectorsDifferent cables and connectors supply power to the different components like the motherboard, CPU, hard drives, etc.
    GroundA common return path for electric current.
    FanUsed to cool the PSU, hence preventing it from overheating.
    FuseA safety device, part of all power supply units, to prevent excessive flow of current which could lead to damage or fire.
    Internal CircuitryVarious circuits and components used to convert and regulate the AC power into DC power.