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    History – Contemporary History

    1. The End of the Cold War (1989-1991): A comprehensive overview of the factors and events that brought about the end of the global power standoff, including the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the stepping down of communist governments across Eastern Europe.
    2. The Gulf War (1990-1991): Delves into the conflict that ensued after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, highlighting key events such as Operation Desert Storm and the international diplomatic efforts that marked this period.
    3. The Breakup of Yugoslavia (1991-1999): A detailed analysis of the causes and ramifications of the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, including the horrific ethnic conflicts that followed.
    4. The Rise of the Internet (1990s): This entry documents the rapid expansion and adoption of the Internet, changing the face of communication, business, and life as we know it in the modern information age.
    5. The Rwandan Genocide (1994): A sobering account of the genocide in Rwanda that resulted in the massacre of an estimated 800,000 people in the Tutsi community.
    6. Democratic South Africa (1994): This article highlights the end of apartheid and the dawn of democratic governance in South Africa, with a focus on the significant role of the former president, Nelson Mandela.
    7. The O.J. Simpson Trial (1994-1995): An article detailing one of the most publicized criminal trials in American history, its significant racial undertones, and its impact on the justice system and media.
    8. Cloning Dolly the Sheep (1996): Chronicles the groundbreaking scientific achievement of cloning a mammal for the first time, triggering both advances in biotechnology and ethical debates.
    9. The Good Friday Agreement (1998): An exploration of the important peace agreement that brought an end to the Northern Ireland Troubles, marking a milestone in UK and Irish relations.
    10. Asian Financial Crisis (1997-1998): An examination of the financial crisis that sent shockwaves through Asian markets, discussing its causes, effects, and implications for the global economy.