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    Mythology – Major Myths and Legends Ancient Egyptian Mythology

    1. Creation Myths of Egypt: Examines stories from Egyptian mythology about how the world and its inhabitants were created. It typically talks about the primordial waters, the god Ra-Atum, and the legendary city of Heliopolis where creation supposedly started.
    2. Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephtys: An overview of one of the most renowned mythological narratives. This is a tale comprising love, betrayal, death, and resurrection, with these gods being central figures.
    3. The Tale of Ra and Apep: Describes the eternal battle between the sun god Ra and serpentine god of chaos, Apep. This story is a metaphor for the daily renewal of the sun’s journey across the sky.
    4. The Perils of the Underworld: An article covering the trials faced by the deceased in the underworld before they can achieve their eternal life. An important text for these narratives is “The Book of the Dead.”
    5. Journey of The Sun God: Encapsulates the daily journey of Ra across the horizon. It takes into account the legend of the sun barge and the symbology of the sun setting and rising.
    6. Legend of Isis and The Seven Scorpions: A story about Isis and her journey, accompanied by seven magical scorpions, to save her son, Horus, from Seth. The story carries themes of loyalty and protective maternal love.
    7. The Judgment of the Human Heart: Narrates the tale of how the hearts of deceased humans are weighed against Ma’at’s feather of truth, in the presence of Osiris, to determine their fate in the afterlife.
    8. Horus and Seth’s Battle: Foregrounds the legendary battles between Seth and Horus, often symbolizing the struggle between disorder and societal harmony.
    9. The Hymn to the Aten: Presents a singular exception in the polytheistic worldview of ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh Akhenaten introduced Aten as the sole god. This hymn offers praise to the sun disk Aten.
    10. The Myth of The Distant Goddess: Explores a recurring pattern in Egyptian myth where a goddess, angry or upset, withdraws from the world of gods and men, causing crisis. The goddess must be appeased and brought back to restore order.