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    New York Times best sellers by genre


    ‘Not as a Stranger’, ‘Morton Thompson’, 1954, Medical/Thriller Fiction
    ‘The Scapegoat’, ‘Daphne du Maurier’, 1957, Psychological Thriller
    ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’, ‘John le Carré’, 1964, Spy Thriller
    ‘Airport’, ‘Arthur Hailey’, 1968, Thriller
    ‘The Day of the Jackal’, ‘Frederick Forsyth’, 1971, Thriller
    ‘Wheels’, ‘Arthur Hailey’, 1971, Thriller
    ‘The Odessa File’, ‘Frederick Forsyth’, 1973, Spy Thriller
    ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, ‘John le Carré’, 1974, Spy Thriller
    ‘Bloodline’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’, 1978, Thriller
    ‘The Matarese Circle’, ‘Robert Ludlum’, 1979, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘Triple’, ‘Ken Follett’, 1979, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘Rage of Angels’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’, 1980, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘Robert Ludlum’, 1980, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘The Key to Rebecca’, ‘Ken Follett’, 1980, ‘Thriller, Historical Fiction’
    ‘Gorky Park’, ‘Martin Cruz Smith’, 1981, ‘Detective Fiction, Thriller’
    ‘Master of the Game’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’, ‘1982, Thriller’
    ‘The Parsifal Mosaic’, ‘Robert Ludlum’, 1982, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘The Aquitaine Progression’, ‘Robert Ludlum’, 1984, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘The Fourth Protocol’, ‘Frederick Forsyth’, 1984, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘If Tomorrow Comes’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’, 1985, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Lucky’, ‘Jackie Collins’, 1985, ‘Romance, Thriller’
    ‘Lie Down with Lions’, ‘Ken Follett’, 1986, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘Red Storm Rising’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1986, ‘Thriller, War Fiction’
    ‘The Bourne Supremacy’, ‘Robert Ludlum’, 1986, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘Misery’, ‘Stephen King’, 1987, ‘Horror, Psychological Thriller’
    ‘Patriot Games’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1987, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘Presumed Innocent’, ‘Scott Turow’, 1987, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘Windmills of the Gods’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’, 1987, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Cardinal of the Kremlin’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1988, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘The Icarus Agenda’, ‘Robert Ludlum’, 1988, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘The Sands of Time’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’, 1988, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Clear and Present Danger’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1989, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘Midnight’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 1989, ‘Horror, Thriller’
    ‘Polar Star’, ‘Martin Cruz Smith’, 1989, ‘Detective Fiction, Thriller’
    ‘The Dark Half’, ‘Stephen King’, 1989, ‘Horror, Thriller’
    ‘The Russia House’, ‘John le Carré’, 1989, ‘Spy fiction, Thriller’
    ‘Four Past Midnight’, ‘Stephen King’, 1990, ‘Horror, Thriller’
    ‘Memories of Midnight’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’, 1990, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Bad Place’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 1990, ‘Horror, Thriller’
    ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’, ‘Robert Ludlum’, 1990, ‘Spy fiction, Thriller’
    ‘The Burden of Proof’, ‘Scott Turow’, 1990, ‘Legal thriller’
    ‘Cold Fire’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 1991, ‘Horror, Thriller’
    ‘Loves Music, Loves to Dance’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 1991, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Sum of All Fears’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1991, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Hideaway’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 1992, ‘Horror, Thriller’
    ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Michael Crichton’, 1992, ‘Techno-thriller’
    ‘The Pelican Brief’, ‘John Grisham’, 1992, ‘Legal thriller’
    ‘The Client’, ‘John Grisham’, 1993, ‘Legal thriller’
    ‘Debt of Honor’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1994, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Disclosure’, ‘Michael Crichton’, 1994, ‘Techno-thriller’
    ‘The Chamber’, ‘John Grisham’, 1994, ‘Legal thriller’
    ‘The Lost World’, ‘Michael Crichton’, 1995, ‘Science Fiction, Thriller’
    ‘The Rainmaker’, ‘John Grisham’, 1995, ‘Legal thriller’
    ‘Executive Orders’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1996, ‘Political thriller’
    ‘Intensity’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 1996, ‘Suspense, Psychological thriller’
    ‘Moonlight Becomes You’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 1996, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Runaway Jury’, ‘John Grisham’, 1996, ‘Legal thriller’
    ‘Airframe’, ‘Michael Crichton’, 1997, ‘Techno-thriller’
    “Pretend You Don’t See Her”, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 1997, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Sole Survivor’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 1997, ‘Thriller, Mystery’
    ‘The Partner’, ‘John Grisham’, 1997, ‘Legal thriller’
    ‘Point of Origin’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 1998, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Rainbow Six’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 1998, ‘Thriller, Adventure’
    ‘The Street Lawyer’, ‘John Grisham’, 1998, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘Black Notice’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 1999, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Hannibal’, ‘Thomas Harris’, 1999, ‘Thriller, Horror’
    ‘Southern Cross’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 1999, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Testament’, ‘John Grisham’, 1999, ‘Legal Thriller’
    “We’ll Meet Again”, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 1999, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Before I Say Good-Bye’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 2000, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Bear and the Dragon’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 2000, ‘Thriller, Adventure’
    ‘The Brethren’, ‘John Grisham’, 2000, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘The Last Precinct’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 2000, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘”P” Is for Peril’, ‘Sue Grafton’, 2001, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘1st to Die’, ‘James Patterson’, 2001, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Chosen Prey’, ‘John Sandford’, 2001, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘From the Corner of His Eye’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 2001, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘On the Street Where You Live’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 2001, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘”Q” Is for Quarry’, ‘Sue Grafton’, 2002, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘2nd Chance’, ‘James Patterson and Andrew Gross’, 2002, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    “Daddy’s Little Girl”, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 2002, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘One Door Away from Heaven’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 2002, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Prey’, ‘Michael Crichton’, 2002, ‘Science Fiction, Thriller’
    ‘Red Rabbit’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 2002, ‘Thriller, Adventure’
    ‘The Summons’, ‘John Grisham’, 2002, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Dan Brown’, 2003, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The King of Torts’, ‘John Grisham’, 2003, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘The Teeth of the Tiger’, ‘Tom Clancy’, 2003, ‘Thriller, Adventure’
    ‘The Last Juror’, ‘John Grisham’, 2004, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘Trace’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 2004, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘4th of July’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2005, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Honeymoon’, ‘James Patterson and Howard Roughan’, 2005, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Lifeguard’, ‘James Patterson and Andrew Gross’, 2005, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Mary, Mary’, ‘James Patterson’, 2005, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Polar Shift’, ‘Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos’, 2005, ‘Adventure, Thriller’
    ‘Predator’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 2005, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Broker’, ‘John Grisham’, 2005, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘Beach Road’, ‘James Patterson and Peter de Jonge’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Cross’, ‘James Patterson’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Judge and Jury’, ‘James Patterson and Andrew Gross’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The 5th Horseman’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Husband’, ‘Dean Koontz’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Two Little Girls in Blue’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘”T” Is for Trespass’, ‘Sue Grafton’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Double Cross’, ‘James Patterson’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘I Heard That Song Before’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Simple Genius’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Step on a Crack’, ‘James Patterson’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The 6th Target’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Quickie’, ‘James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    “You’ve Been Warned”, ‘James Patterson and Howard Roughan’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Cross Country’, ‘James Patterson’, 2008, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘Moscow Rules’, ‘Daniel Silva’, 2008, ‘Thriller, Spy Fiction’
    ‘Scarpetta’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 2008, ‘Mystery, Thriller’
    ‘The Appeal’, ‘John Grisham’, 2008, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘I, Alex Cross’, ‘James Patterson’, 2009, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The Associate’, ‘John Grisham’, 2009, Legal Thriller
    ‘The Lost Symbol’, ‘Dan Brown’, 2009, Thriller & Mystery
    ‘Cross Fire’, ‘James Patterson’, 2010, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest’, ‘Stieg Larsson’, 2010, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Worst Case’, ‘James Patterson’, 2010, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Dead or Alive’, ‘Tom Clancy with Grant Blackwood’, 2011, Thriller & Adventure
    ‘Kill Me If You Can’, ‘James Patterson and Marshall Karp’, 2011, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Now You See Her’, ‘James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge’, 2011, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The Sixth Man’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2011, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Tick Tock’, ‘James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge’, 2011, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The Racketeer’, ‘John Grisham’, 2012, Legal Thriller
    ‘Gone Girl’, ‘Gillian Flynn’, 2013, Thriller & Mystery
    ‘Inferno’, ‘Dan Brown’, 2013, Thriller & Mystery
    ‘Sycamore Row’, ‘John Grisham’, 2013, Legal Thriller
    ‘Invisible’, ‘James Patterson’, 2014, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The Target’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2014, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Unlucky 13’, ‘James Patterson’, 2014, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Rogue Lawyer’, ‘John Grisham’, 2015, Legal Thriller
    ‘The Girl on the Train’, ‘Paula Hawkins’, 2015, Psychological Thriller & Mystery
    ‘Fool Me Once’, ‘Harlan Coben’, 2016, Crime Novel & Thriller
    ‘Camino Island’, ‘John Grisham’, 2017, Legal Thriller
    ‘Come Sundown’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2017, Romantic Suspense & Thriller
    ‘House of Spies’, ‘Daniel Silva’, 2017, Thriller & Spy Fiction
    ‘Into the Water’, ‘Paula Hawkins’, 2017, Mystery & Psychological Thriller
    ‘Origin’, ‘Dan Brown’, 2017, Thriller & Mystery
    ‘The Late Show’, ‘Michael Connelly’, 2017, Crime Novel & Thriller
    ‘The Medical Examiner’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2017, Crime Novel & Thriller
    ‘The Whistler’, ‘John Grisham’, 2017, Legal Thriller
    ‘The 17th Suspect’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2018, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The President Is Missing’, ‘James Patterson and Bill Clinton’, 2018, Political Thriller & Mystery
    ‘The Woman in the Window’, ‘A. J. Finn’, 2018, Psychological Thriller & Mystery
    ’18th Abduction’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘A Minute to Midnight’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Bloody Genius’, ‘John Sandford’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Lee Child’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Connections in Death’, ‘J. D. Robb’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Neon Prey’, ‘John Sandford’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘One Good Deed’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘Redemption’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The 19th Christmas’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘The Guardians’, ‘John Grisham’, 2019, Legal Thriller
    ‘The Institute’, ‘Stephen King’, 2019, Horror Fiction & Thriller
    ‘The New Girl’, ‘Daniel Silva’, 2019, Thriller & Spy Fiction
    ‘The Night Fire’, ‘Michael Connelly’, 2019, Crime Novel & Thriller
    ‘Under Currents’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2019, Romance & Thriller
    ‘Vendetta in Death’, ‘J. D. Robb’, 2019, Thriller & Crime
    ‘A Time for Mercy’, ‘John Grisham’, 2020, ‘Legal Thriller’
    ‘American Dirt’, ‘Jeanine Cummins’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Blindside’, ‘James Patterson and James O. Born’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Deadlock’, ‘Catherine Coulter’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Masked Prey’, ‘John Sandford’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Near Dark’, ‘Brad Thor’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘One Minute Out’, ‘Mark Greaney’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The 20th Victim’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Law of Innocence’, ‘Michael Connelly’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Order’, ‘Daniel Silva’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Sentinel’, ‘Lee Child and Andrew Child’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Summer House’, ‘James Patterson and Brendan DuBois’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Walk The Wire’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2020, ‘Thriller’
    ’21st Birthday’, ‘James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘A Gambling Man’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘A Slow Fire Burning’, ‘Paula Hawkins’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Better Off Dead’, ‘Lee Child and Andrew Child’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Billy Summers’, ‘Stephen King’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Black Ice’, ‘Brad Thor’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Bloodless’, ‘Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Mercy’, ‘David Baldacci’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘Ocean Prey’, ‘John Sandford’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘State of Terror’, ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Cellist’, ‘Daniel Silva’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Dark Hours’, ‘Michael Connelly’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    “The Judge’s List”, ‘John Grisham’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    “The President’s Daughter”, ‘Bill Clinton and James Patterson’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    ‘The Russian’, ‘James Patterson and James O. Born’, 2021, ‘Thriller’
    While Justice Sleeps”, Stacey Abrams, 2021, Political thriller
    Win”, Harlan Coben, 2021, Mystery, Thriller
    Abandoned in Death”, J. D. Robb, 2022, Mystery, Thriller
    Dream Town”, David Baldacci, 2022, Thriller
    “Fairy Tale”, Stephen King, 2022, Horror, Thriller
    “In the Blood”, Jack Carr, 2022, Thriller, Adventure
    “Long Shadows”, David Baldacci, 2022, Thriller
    “Righteous Prey”, John Sandford, 2022, Thriller, Crime
    “Sparring Partners”, John Grisham, 2022, Legal Thriller
    “The Investigator”, John Sandford, 2022, Thriller, Crime
    “The Match”, Harlan Coben, 2022, Mystery, Thriller
    “The Paris Apartment”, Lucy Foley, 2022, Mystery, Thriller
    “Verity”, Colleen Hoover, 2022, Romance, Thriller
    “Code Red”, Kyle Mills, 2023, Thriller
    “Cross Down”, James Patterson and Brendan DuBois, 2023, Mystery, Thriller
    “Dark Angel”, John Sandford, 2023, Thriller, Crime
    “Encore in Death”, J.D. Robb, 2023, Mystery, Thriller
    “Holly”, Stephen King, 2023, Horror, Thriller
    “I Will Find You”, Harlan Coben, 2023, Mystery, Thriller
    “Judgement Prey”, John Sandford, 2023, Thriller, Crime
    “Only the Dead”, Jack Carr, 2023, Thriller, Adventure
    “Simply Lies”, David Baldacci, 2023, Thriller
    “The 23rd Midnight”, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, 2023, Mystery, Thriller
    “The Exchange”, John Grisham, 2023, Legal Thriller
    “The Secret”, Lee Child and Andrew Child, 2023, Thriller, Mystery


    ‘Marjorie Morningstar’, ‘Herman Wouk’, 1955, Romance
    ‘Valley of the Dolls’, ‘Jacqueline Susann’, 1966, Romance
    ‘The Love Machine’, ‘Jacqueline Susann’, 1969, Romance
    ‘Love Story’, ‘Erich Segal’, 1970, Romance
    ‘Once Is Not Enough’, ‘Jacqueline Susann’, 1973, Romance
    “Oliver’s Story”, ‘Erich Segal’, 1977, Romance
    ‘The Thorn Birds’, ‘Colleen McCullough’, 1977, Romance
    ‘Scruples’, ‘Judith Krantz’, 1978, Romance
    “Sophie’s Choice”, ‘William Styron’, 1979, ‘Historical, Romance’
    ‘Princess Daisy’, ‘Judith Krantz’, 1980, ‘Romance’
    ‘An Indecent Obsession’, ‘Colleen McCullough’, 1981, ‘Romance, War Fiction’
    ‘Full Circle’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1984, ‘Romance’
    ‘Family Album’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1985, ‘Romance’
    ‘The Mammoth Hunters’, ‘Jean M. Auel’, 1985, ‘Historical Fiction, Romance’
    ‘Wanderlust’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1986, ‘Romance’
    ‘Fine Things’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1987, ‘Romance’
    ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1987, ‘Romance’
    ‘Zoya’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1988, ‘Historical Romance’
    ‘Star’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1989, ‘Romance’
    ‘September’, ‘Rosamunde Pilcher’, 1990, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1991, ‘Romance’
    ‘Jewels’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1992, ‘Romance’
    ‘Mixed Blessings’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1992, ‘Romance’
    ‘Accident’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1994, ‘Romance’
    ‘Five Days in Paris’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1995, ‘Romance’
    ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’, ‘Terry McMillan’, 1996, ‘Romance’
    ‘Silent Honor’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1996, ‘Romance’
    ‘The Long Road Home’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 1998, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘The House on Hope Street’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 2000, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘The Rescue’, ‘Nicholas Sparks’, 2000, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘The Wedding’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 2000, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘Winter Solstice’, ‘Rosamunde Pilcher’, 2000, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘Leap of Faith’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 2001, ‘Romance, Drama’
    “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas”, ‘James Patterson’, 2001, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘Chesapeake Blue’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2002, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2004, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘True Believer’, ‘Nicholas Sparks’, 2005, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘Dear John’, ‘Nicholas Sparks’, 2006, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘The Host’, ‘Stephenie Meyer’, 2008, ‘Science Fiction, Romance’
    ‘The Lucky One’, ‘Nicholas Sparks’, 2008, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘Tribute’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2008, ‘Romance, Drama’
    ‘The Best of Me’, ‘Nicholas Sparks’, 2011, Romance & Drama
    ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, ‘E. L. James’, 2012, Romance & Erotic Fiction
    ‘Reflected in You’, ‘Sylvia Day’, 2012, Romance & Erotic Fiction
    ‘Until the End of Time’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 2013, Romance & Drama
    ‘Outlander’, ‘Diana Gabaldon’, 2014, Historical Fiction & Romance
    ‘Grey’, ‘E. L. James’, 2015, Romance & Erotic Fiction
    ‘Me Before You’, ‘Jojo Moyes’, 2016, Romance & Drama
    ‘The Rise of Magicks’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2019, Paranormal Romance & Fantasy Fiction
    ’28 Summers’, ‘Elin Hilderbrand’, 2020, ‘Romance’
    ‘Hideaway’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2020, ‘Romance’
    ‘Royal’, ‘Danielle Steel’, 2020, ‘Historical Romance’
    ‘The Book of Two Ways’, ‘Jodi Picoult’, 2020, ‘Romance’
    ‘The Return’, ‘Nicholas Sparks’, 2020, ‘Romance’
    ‘Thick as Thieves’, ‘Sandra Brown’, 2020, ‘Romance’
    ‘Troubles in Paradise’, ‘Elin Hilderbrand’, 2020, ‘Romance’
    ‘Freed’, ‘E. L. James’, 2021, ‘Romance’
    ‘Legacy’, ‘Nora Roberts’, 2021, ‘Romance’
    ‘The Duke and I’, ‘Julia Quinn’, 2021, ‘Historical Romance’
    The Wish”, Nicholas Sparks, 2021, Romance
    Book Lovers”, Emily Henry, 2022, Romance, Contemporary
    Dreamland”, Nicholas Sparks, 2022, Romance
    “Hook, Line, and Sinker”, Tessa Bailey, 2022, Romance
    “It Ends with Us”, Colleen Hoover, 2022, Romance, Drama
    “It Starts with Us”, Colleen Hoover, 2022, Romance, Drama
    “Nightwork”, Nora Roberts, 2022, Romance, Suspense
    “The Hotel Nantucket”, Elin Hilderbrand, 2022, Romance, Drama
    “Fourth Wing”, Rebecca Yarros, 2023, Romance
    “Happy Place”, Emily Henry, 2023, Romance, Contemporary
    “Identity”, Nora Roberts, 2023, Romance, Suspense
    “Iron Flame”, Rebecca Yarros, 2023, Romance, Drama
    “The Five-Star Weekend”, Elin Hilderbrand, 2023, Romance, Drama
    “Things We Hide from the Light”, Lucy Score, 2023, Romance, Comedy
    “Too Late”, Colleen Hoover, 2023, Romance, Drama


    ‘Curtain’, ‘Agatha Christie’, 1975, Mystery/Detective Fiction
    ‘Sleeping Murder’, ‘Agatha Christie’, 1976, Mystery/Detective Fiction
    ‘The Name of the Rose’, ‘Umberto Eco’, 1983, ‘Historical Mystery’
    ‘While My Pretty One Sleeps’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 1989, ‘Suspense, Mystery’
    ‘Devices and Desires’, ‘P. D. James’, 1990, ‘Crime, Mystery’
    ‘”L” Is for Lawless’, ‘Sue Grafton’, 1995, ‘Mystery’
    “From Potter’s Field”, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 1995, ‘Crime, Mystery’
    ‘Cause of Death’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 1996, ‘Crime, Mystery’
    “Hornet’s Nest”, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 1997, ‘Crime, Mystery’
    ‘Plum Island’, ‘Nelson DeMille’, 1997, ‘Crime, Mystery’
    ‘Unnatural Exposure’, ‘Patricia Cornwell’, 1997, ‘Crime, Mystery’
    ‘You Belong to Me’, ‘Mary Higgins Clark’, 1998, ‘Suspense, Mystery’
    ‘Valhalla Rising’, ‘Clive Cussler’, 2001, ‘Adventure, Mystery’
    ‘The Lovely Bones’, ‘Alice Sebold’, 2002, ‘Drama, Mystery’
    ‘Eleven on Top’, ‘Janet Evanovich’, 2005, ‘Mystery, Humor’
    ‘The Thirteenth Tale’, ‘Diane Setterfield’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Gothic Fiction’
    ‘Twelve Sharp’, ‘Janet Evanovich’, 2006, ‘Mystery, Humor’
    “Plum Lovin’”, ‘Janet Evanovich’, 2007, ‘Mystery, Humor’
    ‘Fearless Fourteen’, ‘Janet Evanovich’, 2008, ‘Mystery, Humor’
    ‘Plum Lucky’, ‘Janet Evanovich’, 2008, ‘Mystery, Humor’
    ‘The Story of Edgar Sawtelle’, ‘David Wroblewski’, 2008, ‘Drama, Mystery’
    ‘Plum Spooky’, ‘Janet Evanovich’, 2009, Humorous Fiction & Mystery
    ‘A Better Man’, ‘Louise Penny’, 2019, Mystery & Crime
    ‘Twisted Twenty-Six’, ‘Janet Evanovich’, 2019, Humorous Fiction & Mystery
    ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’, ‘Delia Owens’, 2019, Mystery & Nature Fiction
    ‘All the Devils Are Here’, ‘Louise Penny’, 2020, ‘Mystery’
    ‘Camino Winds’, ‘John Grisham’, 2020, ‘Mystery’
    ‘Golden in Death’, ‘J. D. Robb’, 2020, ‘Mystery’
    ‘Shadows in Death’, ‘J. D. Robb’, 2020, ‘Mystery’
    ‘The Boy from the Woods’, ‘Harlan Coben’, 2020, ‘Mystery’
    ‘Forgotten in Death’, ‘J. D. Robb’, 2021, ‘Mystery’
    ‘The Madness of Crowds’, ‘Louise Penny’, 2021, ‘Mystery’
    A World of Curiosities”, Louise Penny, 2022, Crime, Mystery
    “Dirty Thirty”, Janet Evanovich, 2023, Humor, Mystery
    “The Last Devil to Die”, Richard Osman, 2023, Mystery
    “The Running Grave”, Robert Galbraith, 2023, Crime, Mystery

    Science fiction

    ‘The Dead Zone’, ‘Stephen King’, 1979, ‘Horror, Science Fiction’
    ‘Firestarter’, ‘Stephen King’, 1980, ‘Horror, Science Fiction’
    ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi:The Storybook Based on the Movie’, ‘Joan D. Vinge’, 1983, ‘Science Fiction’
    ‘The Tommyknockers’, ‘Stephen King’, 1987, ‘Horror, Science Fiction’
    ‘Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace’, ‘Terry Brooks’, 1999, ‘Science Fiction, Fantasy’
    ‘The Indwelling’, ‘Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’, 2000, ‘Religious Fiction, Science Fiction’
    ‘The Mark’, ‘Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’, 2000, ‘Religious Fiction, Science Fiction’
    ‘Desecration’, ‘Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’, 2001, ‘Religious Fiction, Science Fiction’
    ‘Dreamcatcher’, ‘Stephen King’, 2001, ‘Horror, Science Fiction’
    ‘The Remnant’, ‘Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’, 2002, ‘Religious Fiction, Science Fiction’
    ‘Armageddon’, ‘Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’, 2003, ‘Religious Fiction, Science Fiction’
    ‘Glorious Appearing’, ‘Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’, 2004, ‘Religious Fiction, Science Fiction’
    ‘Cell’, ‘Stephen King’, 2006, ‘Horror, Science Fiction’
    ’11/22/63′, ‘Stephen King’, 2012, Science Fiction & Alternative History
    ‘The Martian’, ‘Andy Weir’, 2015, Science Fiction
    ‘Ready Player Two’, ‘Ernest Cline’, 2020, ‘Science Fiction’

    Historical fiction

    ‘Lord Vanity’, ‘Samuel Shellabarger’, 1953, Historical Fiction
    ‘Mary Anne’, ‘Daphne du Maurier’, 1954, Historical Fiction
    “The View from Pompey’s Head”, ‘Hamilton Basso’, 1955, Historical Fiction
    ‘Andersonville’, ‘MacKinlay Kantor’, 1956, Historical Fiction
    ‘Doctor Zhivago’, ‘Boris Pasternak’, 1958, Historical Fiction
    ‘Exodus’, ‘Leon Uris’, 1959, Historical Fiction
    ‘Hawaii’, ‘James Michener’, 1960, Historical Fiction
    ‘The Glass-Blowers’, ‘Daphne du Maurier’, 1963, Historical Fiction
    ‘The Source’, ‘James Michener’, 1965, Historical Fiction
    ‘The Confessions of Nat Turner’, ‘William Styron’, 1967, Historical Fiction
    “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”, ‘John Fowles’, 1970, Historical Fiction
    ‘The Winds of War’, ‘Herman Wouk’, 1972, Historical Fiction
    ‘Burr’, ‘Gore Vidal’, 1973, Historical Fiction
    ‘The Hollow Hills’, ‘Mary Stewart’, 1973, Historical Fiction
    ‘Centennial’, ‘James Michener’, 1974, Historical Fiction
    ‘Ragtime’, ‘E. L. Doctorow’, 1975, Historical Fiction
    ‘1876’, ‘Gore Vidal’, 1976, Historical Fiction
    ‘Trinity’, ‘Leon Uris’, 1976, Historical Fiction
    ‘Chesapeake’, ‘James Michener’, 1978, Historical Fiction
    ‘War and Remembrance’, ‘Herman Wouk’, 1978, Historical Fiction
    ‘The Establishment’, ‘Howard Fast’, 1979, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘The Last Enchantment’, ‘Mary Stewart’, 1979, ‘Fantasy, Historical Fiction’
    ‘The Covenant’, ‘James Michener’, 1980, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘Noble House’, ‘James Clavell’, 1981, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘North and South’, ‘John Jakes’, 1982, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘Space’, ‘James Michener’, 1982, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘Poland’, ‘James Michener’, 1983, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘”…And Ladies of the Club”‘, ‘Helen Hooven Santmyer’, 1984, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘Texas’, ‘James Michener’, 1985, ‘Historical Fiction’
    ‘The Sicilian’, ‘Mario Puzo’, 1985, ‘Crime, Historical Fiction’
    ‘Whirlwind’, ‘James Clavell’, 1986, ‘Historical Fiction’
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    Other genres

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    ‘Auntie Mame’, ‘Patrick Dennis’, 1955, Comedy
    ‘Bonjour Tristesse’, ‘Françoise Sagan’, 1955, Psychological Fiction
    ‘Sincerely, Willis Wayde’, ‘John P. Marquand’, 1955, Psychological Fiction
    “Don’t Go Near the Water”, ‘William Brinkley’, 1956, War Fiction
    ‘Peyton Place’, ‘Grace Metalious’, 1956, Domestic Fiction
    ‘The Last Hurrah’, “Edwin O’Connor”, 1956, Political Fiction
    ‘By Love Possessed’, ‘James Gould Cozzens’, 1957, Legal Fiction
    ‘Anatomy of a Murder’, ‘Robert Traver’, 1958, Legal Fiction
    ‘Lolita’, ‘Vladimir Nabokov’, 1958, Psychological Fiction
    ‘Advise and Consent’, ‘Allen Drury’, 1959, Political Fiction
    ‘Franny and Zooey’, ‘J. D. Salinger’, 1961, Psychological Fiction
    ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’, ‘Irving Stone’, 1961, Historical/Biographical Fiction
    ‘The Last of the Just’, ‘André Schwarz-Bart’, 1961, Holocaust Literature
    ‘A Shade of Difference’, ‘Allen Drury’, 1962, Political Fiction
    ‘Seven Days in May’, ‘Fletcher Knebel’, 1962, Political Fiction
    ‘Ship of Fools’, ‘Katherine Anne Porter’, 1962, Social Fiction
    ‘Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters’, ‘J. D. Salinger’, 1963, Psychological Fiction
    ‘The Group’, ‘Mary McCarthy’, 1963, Social Fiction
    ‘The Shoes of the Fisherman’, ‘Morris West’, 1963, Religious Fiction
    ‘Herzog’, ‘Saul Bellow’, 1964, Psychological Fiction
    ‘Up the Down Staircase’, ‘Bel Kaufman’, 1965, Humour/Satire
    ‘The Secret of Santa Vittoria’, ‘Robert Crichton’, 1966, War Fiction
    ‘The Arrangement’, ‘Elia Kazan’, 1967, Psychological Fiction
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    ‘The Salzburg Connection’, ‘Helen MacInnes’, 1968, Spy Fiction
    “Portnoy’s Complaint”, ‘Philip Roth’, 1969, Psychological Fiction
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    ‘The Passions of the Mind’, ‘Irving Stone’, 1971, Historical/Biographical Fiction
    ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’, ‘Richard Bach’, 1972, Spiritual Fiction
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    ‘The Honorary Consul’, ‘Graham Greene’, 1973, Psychological Fiction
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    ‘The Moneychangers’, ‘Arthur Hailey’, 1975, Financial Fiction
    ‘Falconer’, ‘John Cheever’, 1977, Psychological Fiction
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    ‘Sooley’, ‘John Grisham’, 2021, ‘Sports’
    ‘The Hill We Climb’, ‘Amanda Gorman’, 2021, ‘Poetry’
    ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’, ‘Laura Dave’, 2021, ‘Domestic Fiction’
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    “Wish You Were Here”, Jodi Picoult, 2021, Fiction, Contemporary
    “House of Sky and Breath”, Sarah J. Maas, 2022, Fantasy, Adventure
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    “Storm Watch”, C. J. Box, 2023, Adventure, Western
    “The Collector”, Daniel Silva, 2023, Espionage, Adventure
    “Tom Lake”, Ann Patchett, 2023, Fiction, Drama