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    Paranormal – UFO Locations

    1. Area 51, Nevada, USA: Perhaps the world’s most famous UFO location. It is a secret U.S. Air Force military installation located in the Nevada desert. Rumours have circulated about this place housing extra-terrestrial life and technology.
    2. Roswell, New Mexico, USA: Site of the infamous 1947 incident when a rancher discovered unidentifiable debris, stirring speculation that it was a crashed UFO. The U.S. military maintains it was a conventional surveillance balloon.
    3. Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England: Also known as ‘Britain’s Roswell,’. It was here in December 1980 when USAF personnel stationed nearby reported seeing strange lights, leading some to claim they observed an alien spacecraft.
    4. San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA: This area is known as a UFO hotspot due to a high number of sightings and experiences of other bizarre phenomena.
    5. Hessdalen Valley, Norway: Known for unexplained lights observed in the 7.5-mile-long valley. It’s been ongoing since the 1940s, with the peak of ‘Hessdalen Lights’ appearing 10-20 times per week in the early 1980s.
    6. Wycliffe Well, Australia: Self-proclaimed ‘UFO capital of Australia,’ this area in the Northern Territory is known for an unusual amount of UFO sightings, particularly from the late 1980s.
    7. Bonnybridge, Scotland: Part of the ‘Falkirk Triangle’, an area of high UFO activity. Bonnybridge reportedly has an average of 300 sightings a year.
    8. Sedona, Arizona, USA: Known for its ‘vortexes’ or areas of concentrated energy, Sedona sees a high number of UFO sightings and is also famous for its red sandstone formations.
    9. Broad Haven, Wales, UK: The location of the ‘Broad Haven UFO Incident’ or ‘Welsh Roswell’ when in 1977, several witnesses reported seeing a craft and humanoid figures.
    10. Colares, Brazil: Known primarily for the ‘Colares UFO flap’ of 1977 when residents reported seeing UFOs and some were allegedly attacked by them. This event was investigated by the Brazilian government.