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    Shadowrun – Bioware

    1. Muscle Augmentation: This bioware provides the user with increased physical capabilities such as strength.
    2. Muscle Toner: It improves speed and agility making a character react faster.
    3. Bone Density Augmentation: An enhancement that makes a person’s bones stronger and harder to break.
    4. Dermal Sheathing: A bioware that thickens skin to the extent of making it bullet-proof.
    5. Suprathyroid Gland: This boosts the user’s metabolism leading to increased physical capabilities.
    6. Platelet Factories: They increase the rate of blood clotting and significantly reduce the effects of bleeding.
    7. Orthoskin: This bioware offers additional protective layer under the skin to provide resistance against different forms of attack.
    8. Synaptic Booster: It enhances the speed at which the user’s nervous system works, resulting in faster reaction times.
    9. Cerebral Booster: Designed to improve the mental capabilities of the user.
    10. Sleep Regulator: It modifies the user’s brain to require less sleep.
    11. Trauma Damper: Reduces the effect of physical trauma on the body, helping to keep the user conscious and functional after receiving wounds.
    12. Reflex Recorder: Helps in perfecting skills by enhancing the nervous system’s capability to record and replicate precise movements.
    13. Tailored Pheromones: These affect the behavior of others by manipulating their hormonal response, often used in social situations for persuasion.
    14. Mnemonic Enhancer: It increases memory and recall speed, allowing for quicker learning and accessing retrieved memories.
    15. Symbiotes: These are essentially bacteria or other living organisms that live in a user’s body and provide some advantages e.g., digestion enhancement, toxin breakdown, etc.
    16. Pathogenic Defense: It provides resistance against diseases by enhancing the body’s natural immunity system.