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    Shadowrun Corporations

    AAA Corporations:

    1. Ares Macrotechnology: An American corporate giant, Ares specializes in firearms, security, and space travel. Their subsidiary, Knight Errant, is one of the primary law enforcement providers in North America.
    2. Aztechnology: Aztechnology is a Mexican corporation best known for its magical research, consumer goods, and questionable morality. This corp has a significant influence on the Mexican government.
    3. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies: As one of Japan’s most powerful corporations, Mitsuhama specializes in robotics, computers, and magical goods. They are famous for their zero-tolerance policy towards crime.
    4. Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries: With Lofwyr, the great dragon, at its helm, this German-based corporation spans sectors like heavy industry, manufacturing, and bank holding. Saeder-Krupp is considered the most powerful corporation in the Sixth World.
    5. Shiawase Corporation: Shiawase was the first corporation awarded extraterritorial status, marking a significant paradigm shift in global politics and economy. The Japanese conglomerate has diversified interests, including nuclear power and biotechnology.
    6. Wuxing Inc: Wuxing is the primary corporation representing China in the Corporate Court. They’re diversified, but their most well-known concentration areas include shipping, magical goods, and services, as well as finance.
    7. Renraku Computer Systems: Another Japanese powerhouse, Renraku is primarily focused on electronics, computer hardware and software. It is famous for creating the failed AI project “Project Deus”.
    8. Novatech Inc: One of the leading corporations in the Matrix and technology, Novatech also dabbles in biotech and entertainment.
    9. Yamatetsu Corporation: It started as a traditional Japanese corporation but largely diversified after the ork, Yuri Shibanokuji, took control. Post diversification, they have interests in biotech, shipping, and heavy industry.
    10. Horizon: A newcomer in the AAA sector, Horizon grew exponentially after the Crash 2.0, specializing in public relations, media, advertising and neutron bomb entertainment.

    AA Corporations:

    1. Proteus AG: The German-based AA corporation primarily focuses on underwater technology, engineering, and aquaculture.
    2. Cross Applied Technologies: Canada’s premier corporation, they are diversified but seem to focus on military hardware, aerospace and biotechnology.
    3. Zeta-ImpChem, a South African company, specializes in pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
    4. Universal Omnitech: This AA-rated biotech corporation, based in California, Free State, is renowned for its biotech and cybernetics.
    5. Lone Star Security Services: Lone Star, primarily functioning as a private police corporation, has a significant presence in North America and especially in the city of Seattle.