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    Shadowrun – Creatures Geography

    1. Seattle, UCAS (United Canadian and American States):
    • Dragons (including the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn)
    • Ghouls
    • Banshees
    • Sasquatch
    1. Denver, Front Range Free Zone:
    • Wendigo
    • Vampires
    • Barghests
    • Pixies
    1. Amazonia (formerly known as Brazil):
    • Basilisks
    • Jaguars (Awakened)
    • Harpies
    • Forest Spirits
    1. Free City of Berlin, Allied German States :
    • Hellhounds
    • Wraiths
    • Trolls (Metahumans)
    1. Tokyo, Japan:
    • Oni (Japanese Ogres)
    • Spirits of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Man
    • Jorōgumo (mythical spider creatures)
    • Kitsune (fox spirits)
    1. Hong Kong, Free Enterprise Zone:
    • Eastern Dragons (like Lung)
    • Jiangshi (Chinese “hopping” vampires)
    • Gui (ghosts)
    1. Tir Tairngire (formerly known as Oregon, UCAS):
    • Elves (Metahumans)
    • Gryphons
    • Unicorns
    1. Moscow, Russia:
    • Baba Yaga (Witch of Russian folklore, her existence is rumored)
    • Domovoi (Slavic house spirits)
    • Yeti
    1. Cape Town, Azania (South Africa):
    • Simba (Awakened Lion)
    • Insect Spirits
    • Impundulu (Lightning bird of African myth)
    1. Sydney, Australia:
    • Bunyip (mythical Australian creature)
    • Mana Storms
    • Rainbow Serpent (Aboriginal myth)

    North America:

    1. Northeast (Massachusetts, New York, etc.): Sasquatch, Owl Spirits, Werewolves, Basilisks, and Night Hags.
    2. Southeast (Florida, Georgia, etc.): Thunderbirds, Shadow Spirits, Weregators (Alligator Shape-shifters), Swamp Wyrms, and Banshees.
    3. Midwest or CAS (Missouri, Kansas, etc.): Chupacabras, Werebuffalo, Wraiths, Wendigos, and Earth Elemental Spirits.
    4. Southwest or PCC (Nevada, New Mexico etc.): Coyote Spirits, Firedrakes, Dust Devils, Minotaur, and Fire Elemental Spirits.
    5. West Coast or CFS (California, Oregon, Washington State): Merfolk, Sasquatch, Elves, Griffins, and Water Spirits.
    6. Alaska: Wendigos, Yetis, Ice Spirits, Thunderbirds, and Frost Wyrms.
    7. Pacific Northwest (Salish-Shidhe): Sasquatch, Forest Spirits, Thunderbirds, Werewolves, and Kodama (Tree Spirits).
    8. UCAS (United Canadian And American States): Lake Spirits, Wendigos, Sasquatch, Thunderbirds, and Banshees.
    9. Sioux Nation: Bison Spirits, Native American Totem Spirits, Thunderbirds, Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit), and Prairie Drakes.
    10. Manitou Pueblo: Pueblo Kachina Spirits, Coyote Spirits, Night Spirits, Tsucita (Fox Spirits), and Gargoyles.
    11. The Caribbean League: Merfolk, Pixies, Rum Spirits (Specially unique to the Shadowrun universe), Sea Serpents, and Voodoo Spirits.
    12. Aztlan (Mexico): Feathered Serpents (Quetzalcoatl), Chupacabras, Jaguar Spirits, Mayan/Aztec Totem Spirits, and Werejaguars.
    13. Québec: Wendigos, Ice Spirits, Loup-garou (Wolf Shape-shifter), Spirit of the Moose, and Spirit of the Beaver.
    14. The Nanavut territory: Wendigos, Ice Spirits, Polar Bear Totem Spirits, Narwhal Spirit, and Yetis.