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    Shadowrun – Cyberware

    1. Cyberlimbs: These prosthetics can replicate or even surpass the functionality of biological limbs. They come in basic models as well as upgraded options that offer enhanced strength and agility.
    2. Dermal Plating: This cyberware implants armor directly into the user’s skin, helping to protect the wearer from physical attacks. Variations of dermal plating can offer differing levels of protection.
    3. Wired Reflexes: Wired Reflexes use neuro-enhancements to speed up the user’s reaction times, allowing them to act faster in combat situations.
    4. Datajacks: These neurological implants allow users to directly interface with computers and other electronic devices.
    5. Cybereyes & Cyberears: These sensory enhancements can allow for improved sight and hearing or even provide the user with sensory capabilities beyond human norms, such as low-light or thermal vision and high-frequency hearing.
    6. Control Rigs: Primarily utilized by Riggers, these devices create a cybernetic interface between the user and machines, particularly drones and vehicles.
    7. Smartgun Systems: A Smartgun system links a firearm to the user’s own senses via a datajack or similar device, improving accuracy.
    8. Skillwires: This is a system that allows users to download and use skills they don’t necessarily have trained, by hardwiring the knowledge into the brain.
    9. Muscle Replacement: Cybernetic enhancements that replace or augment natural muscle tissue to improve strength and physical prowess.
    10. Bone Lacing: Reinforcing the skeleton with Kevlar, plastic, or metal can greatly increase durability and contribute to hand-to-hand combat effectiveness.
    11. Bioware: While strictly not cyberware, Bioware encompasses a range of organ replacements and biotechnological enhancements that can complement or offer alternatives to more traditional mechanical cyberware.
    12. Boosted Reflexes: Similar to wired reflexes, these offer increased speed and responsiveness, but through bio-engineered means.
    13. Synaptic Accelerator: It speeds up the neural processes to allow quicker reactions, functioning similarly to boosted reflexes or wired reflexes but with different side effects and installation needs.
    14. Cyberspurs & Cyberfins: Extensions of cyberlimbs, these concealed blades can be extended or retracted at will, offering a potent surprise in melee combat.