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    Shadowrun – Magic timeline

    1. 2011 Awakening: The Awakening marked the return of magic to the world. After millennia of lying dormant, magic resurfaced, bringing with it numerous creatures from myth and legend, as well as the ability for some humans to harness and use magic.
    2. 2012 First Dragon Sightings and MANA Storms: Astral rifts occurred across the globe and dragons were sighted.
    3. 2021 VITAS Outbreak: Though not strictly a magical event, VITAS (Viral Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome) had a profound effect on the world population. Some believe it was awakened magic that triggered the deadly outbreak.
    4. 2030 Elves and Dwarves Acknowledgement: The UCAS government officially recognized elves and dwarves as separate races, enabling them to use magic unlike any ordinary human.
    5. 2036 Emergence of Trolls and Orks: Another crucial event not essentially magical but greatly affected by the return of magic.
    6. 2040 Ghost Dance War: The Native American Nations wage a magical war against the U.S. government, establishing their sovereignty. The war used powerful blood magic against enemies.
    7. 2044 Invention of artificial magical initiation: The Aztechnology corporation developed techniques to artificially initiate mages into higher levels of magical understanding and power.
    8. 2061 Halley’s Comet Passes: Halley’s Comet passing causes SURGE (Sudden Recessive Genetic Expression) in metahumans. This signified a surge in mana levels, causing a new magical awakening in various beings.
    9. 2064 Matrix Crash 2.0: The Second Matrix Crash, again, not primarily a magical event, but it shapes the digital world and the use of technomancy, blurring the line between magic and technology.