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    Tables – 10 less known symbols from the antiquity

    Zia Sun SymbolPueblo Native AmericanRepresents the sacredness of the number four.
    TrinacriaAncient SicilySymbolizes the three-pointed shape of Sicily.
    AnzuAncient MesopotamiaA bird that can breathe fire and water.
    Narmer PaletteAncient EgyptCommemorates the victory of Pharaoh Narmer.
    OuroborosAncient EgyptRepresents the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
    ValknutNorse MythologySymbolizes the afterlife.
    LauburuBasqueA symbol of prosperity and well-being.
    Venetian St. Mark LionLate AntiquityRepresents the evangelist St. Mark.
    CaduceusAncient GreeceRepresents trade, negotiation and even alchemical symbolism.
    Sator SquarePompeiiPalindrome square with words that hold an unknown significance.