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    Tables – Famous ancient sites

    Name of SiteLocationEraCivilizationNotable Features
    Great Pyramid of GizaEgyptc.2580–2560 BCEgyptianThe largest of all Egyptian pyramids
    StonehengeUnited Kingdomc.3000 BCNeolithic and Bronze AgeUnique Stone Circle
    ParthenonGreecec.447–432 BCAncient GreeceEpitome of ancient Greek architecture
    PetraJordanc.312 BCNabataean ArabFamous for buildings carved into the rock
    ColosseumItalyAD 70–80RomanAn iconic symbol of Roman Imperial power
    Chichen ItzaMexicoc.600 ADMayaIncludes a step pyramid known as El Castillo
    Great Wall of ChinaChinac.221 BCChineseThe world’s longest wall and initiated by Qin Shi Huang
    Machu PicchuPeruc.1450 ADIncaThe most visited tourist site in Peru