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    Tables – Internal components of PC

    CPUCentral Processing Unit, the brain of the PC, handling calculations and instructions.
    MotherboardA large circuit board that holds and connects every other component.
    RAMRandom Access Memory, temporarily holds data and information, enabling quick access by the CPU.
    Storage DrivePermanent digital data storage. Can be HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive).
    Graphic CardProcesses images, videos and games, making them look better and load faster.
    Power SupplyProvides power to all the components inside the PC.
    Cooling SystemPrevents overheating. Includes fans, heatsinks, and on high-performance PCs, liquid cooling systems.
    Network CardAllows the computer to communicate over a network (like the internet). Can be wired (Ethernet card) or wireless.
    Sound CardProcesses audio information, plays back sound through speakers or headphones.