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    Technology – Artificial Intelligence

    1. The History of Artificial Intelligence: This article would shed light on the inception of AI, its initial concepts, and the major milestones achieved in the field till the late ’90s. This topic would also detail early researchers and their significant contributions.
    2. Fundamental Concepts of Artificial Intelligence: An article focusing on basic concepts of AI such as machine learning, natural language processing, problem-solving, and perception.
    3. AI Programing Languages: Here, the article would discuss various programming languages used to build AI systems. It would cover languages popular during this period like LISP, PROLOG, and Python, along with their uses in developing AI applications.
    4. Expert Systems in AI: An article breaking down complex jargon and elaborating on expert systems, a prominent application of AI in the 90s. It would illustrate how these systems use knowledge captured from human experts to solve problems that normally require human intelligence.
    5. Neural Networks: This topic would elaborate on the concept and operation of artificial neural networks systems, the base for modern deep learning. It provides insight into how machines can mimic human neuron functionality to process information.
    6. AI in Games: The text would explore the infusion of AI into video games, transforming the gaming industry. It would focus on pathfinding and decision-making processes that enhance the player’s experience.
    7. AI Ethics and Concerns: A thought-provoking article discussing ethical issues and potential societal impacts of AI. It would assess proposed precautions and standards for developing and deploying AI systems responsibly.
    8. The Turing Test: Covering the famous test by Alan Turing to determine a machine’s ability to exhibit human-like intelligence.
    9. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: The adoption and application of AI in medical scenarios during the ’90s. It includes expert diagnostic systems, medical image interpretation, and drug discovery.
    10. Future Prospects of AI: This closure article would sketch the potential future of AI and forecasted advancements. It would delineate the expected progression and integration of AI into various industries and daily life applications.