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    Technology – World Wide Web

    1. Introduction to the World Wide Web: This article would provide a nuanced, initial view into the inception, basic functions, and significance of the World Wide Web as it emerged during the 1990s.
    2. History of the World Wide Web: Delves into the groundbreaking work by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creation of HTML and HTTP protocols, as well as the growth and subsequent evolution of the web into its 90’s form.
    3. Functioning of the World Wide Web: Here, core technologies such as HTML, URLs and HTTP are explained along with the intricacies of browsers, servers, and hyperlinks.
    4. Web Browsers: Specifically discussing the tools used to access and navigate the World Wide Web, like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, this article also explores the browser wars of the 90s.
    5. Search Engines and Directories: Covering the inception and explanation of early search engines like Yahoo!, Altavista, and Google, shedding light on how these tools helped in navigating the growing body of data on the web.
    6. Web Design in the 90s: This would explore the techniques, tools, and aesthetics common in 90s website design, such as the usage of tables, frames, flashing text, and more.
    7. Internet Service Providers: Discusses the businesses that provided internet access to homes and organizations, enabling them to connect to the World Wide Web, and the growth of this sector during the 90s.
    8. Security on the World Wide Web: Outlining the challenges, solutions, and procedures put in place to ensure secure activity on the web, topics like encryption, secure sockets layer, and firewalls would be covered.
    9. E-Commerce: The birth and rise of online shopping would be discussed in this article, including key players like Amazon and eBay that paved the way for a new form of commerce.
    10. Social Impact of the World Wide Web: An investigation into how and to what extent the World Wide Web has begun to change society, communication, leisure, politics and more, drawing from instances in the 90s.
    11. Future of the World Wide Web: A speculative article, taking into account the trends and accelerants of the 90s, projecting potential trajectories and advancements in the domain of the World Wide Web.