Vattic escapes the block

Breakout is the twelth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Tenements on Timeline|7th October, 7:40 pm.


Colonel Joshua Starke|Starke has given John Vattic|John information which confirms the involvement of the National Security Executive|NSE in the events at Dubrensk. The block is surrounded by NSE agents who are now storming the building. John ans Starke must escape so that John can get to the NSE Headquarters.




= ''Colonel Joshua Starke'': "Vattic? You okay? I lost you for a second." ''Dr John Vattic'': "I... I was back in Dubrensk. The WinterICE|team was alive." ''Starke'': "Yeah, we were lucky to get out without casualties. I was damn proud of them. You did good yourself." ''John'': "Wait, everyone got back alive." ''Starke'': "For all the good it did us - when we got back they just used us. Used us as scapegoats!" ''John'': "Why? What did they have to cover up?" ''Starke'': "You don't remember? The Zener Research Facility|facility under the village? Professor Viktor Grienko|Grienko?" ''John'': "The Zener Children|children?" ''Starke'': "Human guinea pigs, for his psychic project. That bastard really did have repeatable results." ''John'': "And that was the Zener Project." ''Starke'': "Yeah, and now Director Silas Hanson|Hanson has started his US Zener Project|own experiments over here, based on Grienko's research." ''John'': "Wait, who's Hanson?" ''Starke'': ""Who's Hanson!" The director of tactical weapons research for the National Security Executive|NSE. He was there in Dubrensk!" ''John'': "Jayne Wilde|Jayne?" ''Starke'': "Wilde?" ''Police'': "The building is surrounded Vattic!" ''Starke'': "Vattic." ''Police'': "Come out with your hands up!" ''Starke'': "Take these notes. Take everything. Get to the NSE Headquarters|agency building. Listen, it's all there! I'll get you out of here. Look, you can still make a difference."


= ''John'': "Jayne!"


*This is the first mission set in Timeline|Hanson's future. *In Timeline|Hanson's future, this is last time Colonel Joshua Starke is seen, possibly killed in action. {{Story}} Category:Future Category:Missions