A Zener Child

Childcare is the fifteenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Zener Research Facility on Timeline|22nd February, 11:20 hrs.


The secret lift from the Dubrensk village church leads John Vattic|John down into the Zener Research Facility. But where is Grienko? And what has happened to the Zener Children?




= ''Russian Soldiers|Russian Soldier'': "One of them made it into the church elevator, sir. We're on his tail." ''Director Silas Hanson'': "You idiots! You had them outgunned and you still let one through! Make sure he doesn't any further. I'm tired of picking through this crap. Professor Grienko, gather up your most important notes for these officers. We're leaving." ''Professor Viktor Grienko'': "But... But my children?" ''Hanson'': "Don't worry, Professor. I'll look after them." ''Grienko'': "But... But..." ''Black Ops'': "What shall we do with him sir?" ''Hanson'': "When he's finished, get rid of him. He's a liability.


= ''Dr John Vattic'': "Grienko?" ''Grienko'': "Have you come to help me with my things? This is a masterpiece - the first repeatable results in psychic phenomena! Can your mind grasp the implications?" ''John'': "I have some idea." ''Grienko'': "Yes? It explains how we found children with the gift - the process of unleashing their power, survival rates, side effects, everything! How to fully unleash their psychic abilities. We were ignored by the fools in Russia, men with no vision, no money. Here's to America, eh? No vision either, but you have money! You will see the world change and you will be able to say I was there. I touched books that changed the future!" ''John'': "You're insane! They're children, not weapons, Grienko!" ''Grienko'': "Don't be so blind. What about you? I see their strength in you. Could you be a weapon? Director Hanson is building a US Zener Project|new facility in your U.S.A. We will finish my work there."


*Failing this mission will show the "Prepare Him" Enigma cutscene. *This is the first appearance of Professor Viktor Grienko. {{Story}} Category:Past Category:Missions