Vattic is interrogated

Enigma is a series of game-over cut-scenes that are played when the player fails a mission set in February. They take place at the Osiris Medical Facility between Timeline|February and October. While most of these cutscenes are set to a specific mission, 'Psycho' is played whenever Vattic directly kills a friendly character.


=Psycho (Preparation)

= ''John Vattic'': "Where am I?" ''Director Silas Hanson (in a deep, disorientating voice)'': "Just what do you think you were doing? What made you think you could get away with it? What made you think you could get away with just shooting people? Let me help you."

=Jayne Wilde|Jayne Dead (Fieldwork)

= ''Hanson (in a deep, disorientating voice)'': "Do you feel responsible for her death? You were responsible for her death. How do you think that came about? Turn over the cards. Look at the cards. You resented the woman. Did you want her dead? He needs more medication. Increase the dosage - we will try again."

=Colonel Joshua Starke|Starke Dead (Reliance)

= ''Hanson (in a deep, disorientating voice)'': "Have you always had problems with authority figures? Do you think people's trust in you is misplaced? Why did you kill the Colonel?" ''Dr John Vattic'': "I didn't kill him. It wasn't my fault." ''Hanson (in a deep, disorientating voice):'' "But it was you fault. Watch him closely now."

=WinterICE Dead (Teamwork)

= ''John'': "Oh God..." ''Hanson'': "That's right, they're all dead." ''John'': "You did that!" ''Hanson'': "No, you're just confused. You don't remember, so you're making it up." ''John'': "You're lying, I know who I am!" ''Hanson'': "That's understandable, but you have to face up to the responsibility of what you have done." ''John'': "No!" ''Hanson'': "Did you see that? The table moved and he wasn't touching it."

=Prepare Him (Infiltration, Childcare, Redemption)

= ''Hanson:'' "Look at me. I'm your friend - I'm the only friend you have left." ''John'': "You're... you are..." ''Hanson:'' "I'm here to help you." ''John'': "I can't remember..." ''Hanson:'' "I can help you to remember and I can help you to be strong - just trust me." ''John'': "Thank you." ''Hanson:'' "That's quite alright. Take him to labs - prepare him for the surgery." {{Story}} Category:Future Category:Cutscenes