"They kill us! They kill the children!"

Infiltration is the fourteenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in Dubrensk on Timeline|22nd February, 10:05 hrs.


WinterICE have met heavy resistance as they attempt to make their way into Dubrensk village. The situation is critical. Jayne Wilde|Jayne and Colonel Joshua Starke|Colonel Starke decide that John Vattic|John's psychic powers mean that he alone stands the best chance of finding Grienko.




= ''Sasha Barranikov'': "They kill us! They kill the Zener Children|children! Stop them!" ''Jayne Wilde'': "We'll rescue the children." ''Sasha'': "No! Do not go near them!" ''Colonel Joshua Starke'': "Don't worry, we not gonna hurt them." ''Sasha'': "The children will hurt you. They are frightened. You, you are like children, they will not hurt you. You must go. Alone." ''Dr John Vattic'': "Me?" ''Jayne'': "I told you John." ''Sasha'': "Go, please to church. Go under village. There is key, in red house, in village. You must save them." ''Dr John Vattic'': "I'm going." ''Starke'': "Vattic!" ''Jayne'': "Let him go! That's why he's here. We've done all we can."


*Failing this mission will show the "Prepare Him" Enigma cutscene. {{Story}} Category:Past Category:Missions