Precognition in action
wikipedia:Precognition|Precognition, also known as a Future Sight or Second Sight is a type of extrasensory perception that grants the ability to see how the future may unfold. It can be useful in changing or preventing events and is a central plot device in Second Sight.

Characters with Precognition

*Dr John Vattic|Dr. John Vattic *Zener Children *Jayne Wilde


*Precognition is the last psychic power that John discovers, as he doesn't realize its existence until Redemption, but it is in action as early as Isolation. *For the developers, precognition was the first power who they think in the Beta version of Second Sight (Redemption) where the gameplay was thinking to do time manipulation.<ref></ref> But, the idea was cancelled because this mechanic was too expensive. The idea was re-work to do the TimeSplitters series. {{Weapons}} <references></references> Category:Powers