Professor Viktor Grienko

Professor Viktor Grienko

<p style="text-align: center;">Professor Grienko in Childcare
A young Viktor Grienko in Preparation
''"Can your mind grasp the implications?"'' - Professor Viktor Grienko</p>

Professor Viktor Grienko is a Russian wikipedia:parapsychology|parapsychology researcher for the Zener Project.


Grienko began his career as a brilliant student in wikipedia:St Petersburg|St Petersburg under wikipedia:Ivan Pavlov|Pavlov. During the wikipedia:World War II|Second World War he was discredited after collaborating with German research in POW camps. Officially killed at the end of the war, but also rumored to be involved in a secret project instigated by wikipedia:Joseph Stalin|Stalin in Siberia. He was allegedly sighted at a United States HydroCarb|USHC Pipeline station in Western Siberia where he was attempting to contact US authorities in order to claim political asylum. At the time Grienko claimed to have psychic research results which would change the world.


*Grienko is voiced by Andrew Wincott. {{Characters}} Category:Characters Category:Zener