Starke talks to Vattic

Reliance is the eighth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Huvat Plateau on Timeline|21st February, 21:05 hrs.


Colonel Joshua Starke|Colonel Starke and John Vattic are on night watch at the WinterICE camp. They have left the area to investigate strange lights which John has seen in a nearby forest gorge.




= ''Colonel Joshua Starke'': "Vattic? You okay?" ''Dr John Vattic'': "Yeah... No. I can't stop shaking." ''Starke'': "Pull yourself together man. You gave a good account of yourself back there. You saved her life. She's important you know." ''John'': "And what makes you say that?" ''Starke'': "Her psychic advice saved southern California." ''John'': "Excuse me?" ''Starke'': "She was right about a terrorist cell and a briefcase nuke. So I'm willing to bet she's right about Professor Viktor Grienko|Grienko and about you. I can rely on her. Can I rely on you?" ''John'': "Yeah, yeah - I'm okay now." ''Starke'': "Good." ''John'': "Hey, did you see that?" ''Starke'': "I'll check it out."


= ''Starke'': "Good work! She was right about you!" ''John'': "Thanks." ''Starke'': "This can't be right." ''John'': "What?" ''Starke'': "This equipment - it's not Russian. It's U.S. special forces." ''John'': "You mean?" ''Starke'': "Yeah - our side!"


*In Timeline|Wilde's future, this is where Colonel Joshua Starke died. *Failing this mission will show the "Starke Dead" Enigma cutscene. *If Vattic attacks the Colonel, he will fire upon John. If John dies, or he kills Starke, the "Psycho" Enigma cutscene will be shown. {{Story}} Category:Past Category:Missions