Juan Carlos 'JC' Verdes|JC scouts ahead

Teamwork is the eleventh mission in Second Sight. It takes place in Dubrensk on Timeline|22nd February, 09:30 hrs.


The WinterICE squad have arrived at the outskirts of Dubrensk searching for Grienko|Grienko's Zener Research Facility|research facility. The village initially seems deserted, until Russian soldiers open fire on the squad.




= ''Juan Carlos 'JC' Verdes'': "Looks deserted, sir." ''William Robert 'Tex' Jackson'': "Fresh tracks though. Someone's home." ''Colonel Joshua Starke'': "Keep you eyes peeled. Okay, let's move it!"


= ''Starke'': "They were the same troops as last night, I'm sure of it." ''Tex'': "They've wiped out everyone." ''JC'': "Civilians too, this is genocide, sir." ''Starke'': "Get me the satellite, we need to call for EVAC. I'm sorry Wilde." ''Anthony Cortelli'': "Nothing, sir. Just interference." ''Jayne Wilde'': "No, someone's jamming us!" ''Tex'': "Doesn't look like we're getting out any time soon." ''Starke'': "But we can't stay here. We'd better retreat." ''Jayne'': "But we're so close, this Sasha Barranikov|woman is the key." ''Tex'': "I don't like this, sir."


*In Timeline|Starke's future, this is where the rest of the WinterICE squad died. *This is the last time that the player works together with the WinterICE squad. *Failing this mission will show the "WinterICE Dead" Enigma cutscene. *If Vattic attacks a member of WinterICE, the Colonel will mark him as a 'traitor' and the entire squad will fire upon John. If John dies, or he kills another member of the squad, the "Psycho" Enigma cutscene will be shown. {{Story}} Category:Missions Category:Past