Jayne and Vattic drive away from government agents

Streetlife is the tenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Tenements on Timeline|7th October, 7:00 pm.


Jayne Wilde|Jayne has dropped John Vattic|John off near the New York Tenement block, where Colonel Joshua Starke|Colonel Starke has gone into hiding. Government agents are patrolling the area and John doesn't know exactly where to find Starke.




= ''Dr John Vattic'': "The Colonel's here?" ''Jayne Wilde'': "This is the address he gave me." ''John'': "Keep going! Pull over here. I'll find him - circle the block."


= ''Colonel Joshua Starke'': "Alright, real easy now, put your hands up!" ''John'': "Okay, okay. Don't shoot" ''Starke'': "John... John. My God, you're alive! I thought you'd been killed, with the others in Dubrensk." ''John'': "What do you mean, with the others?" ''Starke'': "Everyone on the WinterICE team. Those bastards killed them all! They killed them all, John!"


*This is the final mission set in Timeline|Starke's future. *This is the only mission where you see Starke's Gang. {{Story}} Category:Future Category:Missions