Colonel Joshua Starke

Colonel Joshua Starke

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The Colonel in Reliance
Joshua Starke in Streetlife
''"We're out of time, Dr Vattic."'' - Colonel Joshua Starke</p>

Colonel Joshua Starke is the commanding officer of WinterICE. He was born in the Tenements, where he was influenced by Starke's Gang|gang culture.


Following several accomplished tours of duty, Colonel Starke  elected to leave mainstream service in order to head up small specialist operation teams such as WinterICE. He has pioneered in the use of wikipedia:parapsychology|parapsychology in counter-terrorist operations. According to the :File:WinterICE Team Card.png|Team Card, ''Colonel Starke is a very well respected and highly trained ninja from russia. In disguise.''


*Starke is voiced by Tom Clarke Hill. *While in Siberia, Starke uses the Pistol, but he uses the LMG at Kastein, and has a .45 Pistol in the Tenements. {{Characters}} Category:Characters Category:WinterICE Category:Gang
Starke's Gang

Starke's Gang

The Gang confronts John Vattic

Starke's Gang (named ''The Vipers'') is a gang living in the Tenements. They are associated with Colonel Joshua Starke|Joshua Starke and provide protection for him while he is hiding in wikipedia:Queens|Queens, NYC. They are also wikipedia:Illegal Drug Trade|drug dealers, who disguise their product as tulips from wikipedia:Amsterdam|Amsterdam.

Membership in the gang is through a mark, called ''The Viper Mark'' implanted in the body to prove that one can be trusted.


*Colonel Joshua Starke *Dr John Vattic|Dr. John Vattic




*The gang are the only faction who use the Sawn-Off Shotgun and Revolver. {{Characters}} {{Groups}} Category:Gang Category:Factions Category:Characters Category:Friendlies